0% Rarity - 1 minutes for incubation


  • The Omni are a very unique Creatu as they are born without any eyes. But don't think that just because of that you can sneak up on one. They have extremely heightened senses, which combined with their use of echo location more than makes up for their lack of vision. These interesting creatu also have incredible life spans and only mate once every 20 years. In addition, the eggs only develop enough to hatch under special unpredictable conditions. Because of the low birth-rate and even lower survival rate the Omni has always been a rare, but stunning sight.

Hatch Colors

  • black baby
  • black adolescent
  • black adult
  • albino baby
  • albino adolescent
  • albino adult
  • achromatic baby
  • achromatic adolescent
  • achromatic adult

Dye Kit Colors

  • gold baby
  • gold adolescent
  • gold adult
  • trance baby
  • trance adolescent
  • trance adult

Birth Stone Colors

Starting Stats

  • Power: 10
    Defense: 10
    Agillity: 10
  • 25 health points 59 energy points