Welcome, welcome. Come see the wonderful planet of Uldavi. Oh, no, you may not travel there, but you can view it through this telescope. They do not have a portal nexus since they were exiled all those years ago. It took them a long time but they eventually figured out how to reach the other planets. They built spaceships so they could travel back to see all the Creatu. They were certainly pleased with what they saw. The technology is still fairly new and difficult to develop so they cannot provide travel to any other than their own people. However, I can tell you about them.

The planet is barren, stripped of growth and life by constant storms. How they survived long enough to build sheltered towns is beyond me but they now have small patches where they can safely live with their Creatu and the ones we give to them. From what I hear, they are grateful for all our help and perhaps one day you can see their world with your own eyes.