The Rules of Rescreatu

In the event that any situation occurs and causes an issue, but is not addressed in the rules, it is at the discretion of staff to make a decision and take action regarding this. The use of "loopholes" in an attempt to get away with behavior that is inappropriate will not be tolerated.

1. The decisions of the staff are final. If you have any complaints or arguments, you may privately Rmail Pegasus or open a Support Ticket requesting that it not be answered by the staff in question, and your request will be reviewed. Do not make your disagreements with staff decisions public.

2. Each person can register ONE ACCOUNT ONLY. No multiple accounts are to be made. The use of second accounts as galleries or to make extra Tu causes the game to be unfair to all other, rule-abiding users. If you are found using more than one account, including sharing accounts with another player with or without permission, both accounts will be banned without warning.

3. We strictly prohibit the use of bots, autoclickers, and unattended access on our site to ensure a fair and secure user experience. Users caught violating this rule may face account suspension or permanent ban.

4a. Do not abuse glitches. If you find any form of bug or glitch, please use the Support Ticket system to report it. Do not announce the glitch publicly or privately to any other users. Any profit gained from a glitch will be removed from your account by staff. You are not allowed to borrow someone’s Human Avatar clothes to save to your Human Avatar and return to them, nor can you sell items and still leave them on your Human Avatar. If the items are not on your account, they cannot be on your Human Avatar. Purposefully abusing a glitch will result in a permanent account ban.
4b. While glitched creatu are present on the site, it's important to note that they are not supported. We do not provide assistance for transferring glitched names between pets or any actions aimed at preserving them. This policy is in place to maintain fair play and uphold system integrity, preventing deviations from the intended system. If you choose to delete a creatu with a glitched color or wish to move a glitched name, please be aware that staff will not offer assistance in these matters. Players are responsible for any actions involving their glitched pets, and such actions are undertaken at their own risk.

5. Be respectful to each other. There will be no harassment toward any users for any reason. Personal insults, name calling, degrading remarks, hate speech, blacklisting, passive aggressive remarks, and other such harassment will not be tolerated. If a user is being rude, do not fight back. Report it immediately via Support Ticket and ignore it.
Avoid negative comments about user prices, choices, or resorting to name-calling like 'greedy' or 'selfish'. Such behavior is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Remember, even seemingly harmless remarks can hurt and create an unwelcoming environment.
This applies to other users purchasing things from your shops. If you wish to give away cheap items in a controlled environment, use the forums. Harassing or shaming another user for how much they buy from your shops will also not be tolerated.

6. Do not advertise other petsites. While we permit discussion of and trading with other petsites, we do not allow advertisements to join of any sort. This includes referral links or anything inviting the members of Rescreatu to join another petsite.

7. Users of all ages will be present on Rescreatu. Inappropriate, rude, or offensive content will not be tolerated anywhere on the site. The use of sexual innuendo/double entendres is NOT permitted. Masking letters in curse words, such as with *** is not permitted. “Ass”, “damn”, “hell”, and “crap” are allowed at this time. The use of inappropriate content may subject your account to an instant ban.

8. Scamming or attempting to cheat other users out of items or Tu will not be tolerated on any level. This includes if an new, returning, or unknowning user attempts to sell something for a much lesser value, and you immediately attempt to purchase it with full knowledge of the usual sale value without notifying them of that actual value. Users found to be scamming will be dealt with appropriately. Asking for passwords or other account details will also lead to that user being banned. STAFF MEMBERS WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD.

9. If something is illegal in the real world, then it will be illegal here. If illegal material is posted we will remove the inappropriate material and you will receive a warning or a site ban depending on the severity of the content. Inappropriate usernames or pet names are treated no differently and will be changed or deleted if they are stored anywhere but your showroom or rancher shop, and are only allowed to be stored there as long as they aren’t discussed elsewhere. However, racial, discriminatory, and other such names will be deleted immediately and without warning. Discussing the use of any federally illegal drugs in the shoutbox or anywhere on-site is prohibited.

10. Begging in any area of the website is prohibited and you may be warned or banned if you are found doing so. Begging includes asking for anything for free or at a value that is significantly less than the pet or item's worth. Unless invited by the user, you may not ask a quitting user for items, credits, tu or pets.

11. We apologize, but our staff members cannot speak all the languages we would necessarily like to. Staff need to know what you are saying to effectively moderate so messages, images, and videos in any language other than English are not allowed.

12. The theft of Rescreatu site images or copyright material will result in an instant ban of your account and also possible legal action. Artwork traced from Rescreatu lineart may not be sold as a commission, but is allowed for your own personal use on site only. Any art, graphics, writing, or coding created by any other person or entity on or off the site may not be used without permission from the original creator of the content. Free bases made by anyone on or off-site are not to be edited and sold as adoptables unless you are given explicit permission to do so, as you have not drawn the whole picture yourself. Always ask permission before taking, using, or editing anything of this nature that is not yours. Failure to do this will result in a warning or ban.

13. Do not ask for personal information. Asking for a person's last name, town, address, school, phone number, or any other very personal information is forbidden! You may ask for country, state/province, gender, age, or a nickname. If you want another user's email or social media username, ask through Rmail! Giving out another user's personal information is also not permitted and will result in a site ban. You are not entitled to give out any such information on this site and doing so could put the safety of yourself or other users at risk.

14a. The sale of anything besides art you have created for cash (in any currency) by anyone but the site itself is against the rules. Selling or buying anything in this manner will lead to all accounts involved being banned. No user may sell anything for actual cash on Rescreatu. If you have any information about user(s) selling anything for real money, please alert staff!
Art: You are allowed to advertise art YOU CREATE which is for sale for USD on site, however please ensure all payment links sent off site. Sending links such as PayPal or other information regarding payment is not allowed on site due to legal reasons, even through private rmail, and it should be kept to an instant message service which allows such discussion.
14b. Cross site trading of ONLY Creatu, Tu, or items is allowed between other similar pet games, when allowed by their rules as well. If a site does not expressly permit cross site trading, then you are not allowed to trade anything on Rescreatu for anything on that site. Similar pet games encompass most pet-collecting sims or browser games, not MMORPGs or games embedded in social media sites. All cross site trading is done AT YOUR OWN RISK and will not be refunded if you are scammed via a user promising you something on another site, even if the deal is made on Rescreatu.
Additionally, any site that is in an alpha or beta stage is not allowed to be traded with. These sites are in an uncertain state of change, and any items or currency could be erased or altered before full release. Cross-trading with some sites may be disallowed if they pose too high a risk, such as any game/website using Nintendo assets or sites that allow the sale of assets in Real World Currency or gift cards. Please see this forum thread for a full list of which sites can be traded with.

15a. Raffles, contests, and other prize-awarding games that are not sponsored by Rescreatu are all "enter at your own risk." There will be no refunds given from staff for any of these. If a user is found to have been scamming, cheating, or breaking the rules in any way, appropriate action will be taken against them, but no refunds will be made by staff in these situations.
15b. If you loan another user currency, ensure you get enough collateral to cover the amount loaned. If the user fails to pay back the currency, appropriate action will be taken against them, but no refunds will be made by staff in this situation. However, if you loan a user a pet or an item such as a Regression Ray, that user must return that pet or item within a reasonable amount of time.

16. Discussion of banned users is strongly discouraged, but you may briefly mention them on occasion. If a banned user feels they have been wrongly banned, they can use this email to appeal their ban: rescreatustaff [AT] If it is not you that has been banned, DO NOT CONTACT US ABOUT IT. Failure to obey to this rule will result in warnings.

17. Constructive criticism of Rescreatu and its content is welcome, but comments like "*petsite* is better than Rescreatu" and "I don't like Rescreatu" may lead to warnings or bans. All the staff have worked hard on the site and we are proud that it is different! If you don't want to be here, you are free to leave. When posting comments on the news updates, please keep this rule in mind. Excessively negative comments will be censored or removed. When commenting on an update, we ask that complaints and other heavy critique or negative feedback is reserved for the forums, where you are absolutely welcome to discuss and debate the news in full as long as the discussion does not break any rules.

All listed rules must be adhered to if you wish to use the shoutbox here at Rescreatu. Continued and repeated failure to abide by them can result in temporary and up to permanent suspension of your shoutbox privileges.

Remember to abide by the Site Rules as well. They apply to every area of Rescreatu, including the shoutbox. The chat rules are in addition to the Site Rules, not a replacement.

1. If a staff member reminds you of the rules or asks you to not do something, do not argue or make passive aggressive comments.

Please listen to them, as they are just doing their job. If you feel you were treated unfairly by a staff member, you may privately Rmail Kozmotis, or open a Support Ticket and request that your ticket not be answered by the staff member in question. Your concerns will be reviewed and responded to privately.

2. Please do not mini-mod or police other users in the shoutbox.

If staff are in the shoutbox, any issues that may arise will be dealt with. If staff are not present, you can submit a report either via Support Ticket or by Rmailing a Moderator with a screenshot or the username of the offender, including the date and time. Mini-modding or policing other users, whether or not staff are currently present, can result in warnings.

• If a topic of conversation makes you uncomfortable, you are allowed to ask that the topic be changed, but the other users are not obligated to do so. You are not permitted to demand other users change, or be rude if you do not agree with their opinions. Telling a user to ‘shut up’ or to ‘go away’, or things of that nature, will not be tolerated.

• If you feel you were policed or mini-modded by another player, please do not escalate in the shoutbox. Send an Rmail to Kozmotis, or a moderator currently online, with the name of the user and the times the incident occurred.

3. Negative attention seeking behavior is not allowed in the shoutbox.

This includes posting negative statements on a consistent basis, 'pity-partying' yourself, guilting others, or repeatedly complaining about any issues in your life. Discussing what you're going through occasionally is not an issue, however, you are not allowed to only use the shoutbox as a place to vent.

Negative statements also include saying things like "everyone ignores me!" or "no one here cares about me." The shoutbox can become a busy place where users become involved in their own conversations among each other. No one is intentionally ignoring you. Instead of engaging in negative attention-seeking behavior, just join in the conversation instead and you will begin to be responded to.

• “My dog died, I’m so upset” This is fine to share.

• (10 minutes later, someone excitedly announces they hatched a calico Zenirix)
“If only my dog hadn’t died, I’d be happy for you.” This is unrelated to the topic at hand, and is shaming another user into feeling guilty over their high color hatch.

4. All discussion in shoutbox needs to be kept PG-13.

As such, the following things are banned from being mentioned or discussed in the shoutbox: swears, acronyms containing swears, animal abuse, drug use, excessive alcohol use or being drunk, and other graphic or mature topics. This also includes discussing, sharing, or advertising creatu with inappropriate names. This list is not all-inclusive, and staff will ask for a topic to be dropped should users become uncomfortable.

• As stated in Site Rule 6, “ass”, “damn”, “hell”, and “crap” are allowed at this time.

• The use of the words sex, sexy, etc, are not permitted in the Shoutbox. This includes calling inanimate objects sexy, regardless of the intent behind the adjective. As minors are permitted in the shoutbox, such terminology is banned to prevent accidental incidents or misunderstandings by other users or parents.

As a courtesy to other users, certain Rescreatu game related details and real life media details are not to be discussed in the shoutbox. Please refrain from spoiling Rescreatu game features such as cooking basin recipes, ongoing event related stories, and new creatu or items that have yet to be officially announced. Recipes and game content announced in the updates are free to discuss.

• This includes If you see a new color, creatu effect, or creatu species in the directory before a site update has been made.

• For other real life media, please don't spoil other users by publicly discussing plot details of new movies, tv shows, or music. Please wait one week to allow people enough time to see it themselves. You may loosely discuss new media to express excitement, but take spoiler related discussions to Rmails.

5. Please do not spam the shoutbox with unnecessary messages.

Common examples of spam include, but are not limited to:

• Posting long messages in all capital letters
• Posting several messages in succession in all capital letters
• Excessive keyboard smashing or use of emojis
• Excessive use of chat formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough, etc)
• Posts with inconsistent lower and upper case letters
• Chat speak and purposeful poor spelling
• Repetitive posts
• Posting short messages in rapid succession instead of keeping them to one post
• Posting messages that are wildly off topic from the subject at hand

This list is not all-inclusive, and individual instances of spam not listed above are at the discretion of staff. Some further examples of spam:




This is overly formatted and it is spam

tHiS iS iNcOnSiStEnT aNd SpAm

Lol thank you!💖💝💜💪👍💅

th!s has ch@ speak & is sp@m

This is spam
This is spam
This is spam


Spam also includes copy and pasting any on-site wording including: game results, quest results, alerts, effect notifications, or anything else similar; with an exception for Hatchery Notifications for sold or for-sale pets only. The Shoutbox is for chatting, not showing off or spamming everything that happens as you play the game. Copy and pasting on-site wording and adding a small comment or other wording is not permitted as a way to bypass this rule. If you wish to share what has happened to you in the game, you must write it in your own words.

• "You have successfully taken a Pepperoni Pizza from the Trash Isthmus! cool" is spam, as it is just a comment with unaltered site text.

• "I have successfully taken a Pepperoni Pizza from the Trash Isthmus!" is spam, as only one word was changed, and it is not in your own words.

• "You have taken a Pepperoni Pizza from the Isthmus!" is also spam, as it is just a shortened version of the site text, and still not in your own words.

• "I got a pepperoni pizza from the Isthmus, awesome!" is not spam, as it is in your own words.

• "Selling this: Natural Male Zenirix hatched on 2001-01-01 00:00:01" is allowed, but it is an advertisement.

• "Hey (user), you hatched: Natural Male Zenirix hatched on 2001-01-01 00:00:01" is allowed, because it is a confirmation of a sold hatch. (You are not required to copy-paste the site text for hatch confirmation.)

• "Cool just hatched this. Natural Male Zenirix hatched on 2001-01-01 00:00:01" is spam. It has no context, and is not clearly for sale.

6. Advertisements (of any type) are only allowed to be posted once per 30 minutes in the shoutbox.

Advertisements need to be kept to a single post, multiple posts will be considered as over-advertising. If you forget part of your advertisement, you will need to wait the 30 minutes before posting your addendum. You can correct typos to your advertisement, but do not use this as a way to amend your advertisement or bypass the 30 minute timer. Advertisements include listing things for sale, promoting a service, promoting forum threads or blogs, giving hatches or other things away for free, asking if anyone is selling a particular item or pet, soliciting a service from other users, or offering to assist other users with site tasks without being prompted. Announcing the contents of an NPC shop also counts as an advertisement. Some examples of advertisements:

• "Can anyone zap for me?" / "Can anyone code a profile for me"

• "Free hatches!" / "Giving away the items in my merchant." / "Dumped a bunch of pets into the forest!"

• "Does anyone have a Natural Berrok Squishy? Need one for a quest."

• "Selling CP for tu, Rmail me."

• "There’s a Xisters Aura in Cain’s hoard."

• "Cool name/creatu! Will you ever sell it?" / "Let me know if you’ll sell that!"

• "Does anyone need help?" / "Will look for eggs, rmail me!" / "Doing name searches."

Any suspected attempts of trying to use a loophole out of this rule, such as frequently posting your Kir or item quest tasks without prompting, commenting about shops not stocking an item you need, or saying things such as "I wish my Creatu would sell!" will result in warnings. Some examples of attempting to bypass the rule:

• "I want to buy a dye kit but I’m so broke. I could if people bought my items."

• "Man, my stuff never sells."

• "Just hatched an albino kioka. Lol, maybe I’ll sell this."

• "It’s not like I’m selling things in my rancher."

• "Kir wants a calico ebilia." "Now Kir wants an albino mirabilis." "It’s a silver Easero now.”

• "This Roditore Squishy won’t stock and I need it." / "I’m going to fail my quest if this book doesn’t stock."

7. Posting links in the shoutbox which contain inappropriate material is strictly prohibited.

Some examples of inappropriate content are anything containing racism, foul language, explicit imagery, or any other type of content which would not be allowed on Rescreatu. This also includes linking to sites with comment sections (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube, etc), or linking to other chatrooms (Discord, Twitch, IRC, etc). You can link to an embedded video with no comments, but other links need to be sent via Rmail.

• Due to the process of pulling embedded links, it is easier to just send regular video links via Rmail. If you wish to embed a link in the shoutbox anyway, be sure to look up the process, or Rmail a moderator for assistance.

• Some YouTube videos will not work as an embed. You must check the link first before posting it. If it gives you an error similar to “Video unavailable. Watch on Youtube”, then you cannot use that embed link.

• Video links from TikTok videos are too long, and will not fit in the shoutbox character limits. You will need to Rmail TikTok links, or use a url-shortening service for the direct video link.

• Video links from Instagram videos are not able to be shared in the shoutbox, as they will have comments by default, and not everyone will have an Instagram account.

• You can not link to other chatrooms under any circumstances. Links may be sent via Rmail, if the recipient requests the link.

All listed rules must be adhered to if you wish to use the blog feature on Rescreatu. Continued and repeated failure to abide by them can result in temporary and up to permanent suspension of your blogging privileges.

Remember to abide by the Site Rules as well. They apply to every area of Rescreatu, including forums. The blog rules are in addition to the Site Rules, not a replacement.

1. Advertising of any kind in blogs or blog comments is not permitted.

All advertisements need to be kept to the Shoutbox or the appropriate forum.

2. Do not spam the blogs by posting multiple blogs in a row, or multiple blogs with similar contents between the blogs of other users.

If more than a day has passed, but no other new blogs have been posted, that is not considered spam and you may post a new blog.

3. Do not abuse the blog comments feature.

Harassment, unrelated or negative remarks, and spamming are not tolerated.

4. You may use your blog to discuss or share anything you desire, so long as it abides by the site’s ToS.

This includes sharing what you have done or what has happened to you throughout the day. This includes: sharing your art, posting your hatches, your site achievements, what you ate, your thoughts on a movie, etc. Copy and pasting of site text is permitted in blogs, so long as it does not become spam as described above.

All listed rules must be adhered to if you wish to use the forums on Rescreatu. Continued and repeated failure to abide by them can result in temporary and up to permanent suspension of your forum privileges.

Remember to abide by the Site Rules as well. They apply to every area of Rescreatu, including forums. The forum rules are in addition to the Site Rules, not a replacement.

Each subforum may have rules specific to them. Be sure to read the Subforum Rules below in addition to this section.

1. Content found and discussed in forums must remain PG or below, as users of all ages are able to access our forums.

If you post or link to inappropriate content, your account will be subject to disciplinary action.

2. Do not spam the forums.

This includes creating multiple new threads of the same topic, or repetitive spam posting on threads. Chat speak, purposeful poor grammar or spelling, and other instances of spam are also not tolerated.

3. Do not attack or harass users in the forums, even if you share differing opinions.

Discussions should remain cordial. Name calling, hate speech, and other rude behavior will not be tolerated.

4. Do not necropost on other user’s threads.

A thread is considered dead if it does not have any posts within three months. If you are the thread owner, you may revive or repurpose your thread at any time.

5. You may not directly link to anything which violates the ToS of Rescreatu.

This includes other pet sites, forum sites, or real world sites such as Facebook.

All listed rules must be adhered to if you wish to use the forums on Rescreatu. Continued and repeated failure to abide by them can result in temporary and up to permanent suspension of your forum privileges.

Remember to abide by the Site Rules as well. They apply to every area of Rescreatu, including forums. The forum rules are in addition to the Site Rules, not a replacement.

Each subforum may have rules specific to them. Please remember, the above Forum Rules still apply at all times in addition to these individual rules.

Community (Fan Clubs, Help & FAQ, Introductions, Off Topic, and Rescreatu Discussion)

This subforum does not have any special rules associated with it.

Creative (Artist Studio, Showcase, and Writing Lounge)

Plagiarism or art theft of any kind is not tolerated. Do not post material that is not your own work without proper credit to the original creator.

• We will step in if original content posted here is plagiarized or stolen, or if the owners of copyrighted content contact the site via official means to have it removed. If you post copyrighted content or if you steal original content posted here on Rescreatu, your account will be subject to warnings and/or banning.

Fun and Games (Games, Official Contests, User Contests, Private Roleplays, Public Roleplays, and Roleplay Discussion)

This set of rules applies specifically to Games, Official Contests, and User Contests.
Raffles, contests, and other prize-awarding games that are not sponsored by Rescreatu are all "enter at your own risk." There will be no refunds given from staff for any of these.

• If a user is found to have been scamming, cheating, or breaking the rules in any way, appropriate action will be taken against them, but unfortunately no refunds will be made any longer as this is an all-too-common occurrence.

Also, remember to not beg or guilt other users into donating to your contests. Begging includes asking for anything for free or at a value that is significantly less than the pet or item's worth. We've noticed a lot of contest threads asking for donations to fund contests or raffles. While we understand the good-heartedness behind this, technically it is still begging according to our rules, and therefore not allowed. If you want to ask for your raffle or contest to be funded, you must provide something of equal value in return. If it is your own work, such as art or writing, it does not have an assigned value on Rescreatu and therefore it is considered a fair trade in exchange for funding in a legitimate contest or raffle situation.

This set of rules applies specifically to Private Roleplays, Public Roleplays, and Roleplay Discussion.

Do NOT Roleplay anything inappropriate!

• Roleplays with intercourse, graphic violence, touching of private parts, or implication of intercourse will result in a permanent ban on all accounts involved! If you find this behavior on any part of the site, please report it immediately! Users of all ages are able to view the forums here on Rescreatu, and you have no way of knowing what someone's true age is - please keep this in mind when judging whether or not your content is appropriate. Additionally, you may not roleplay this type of content via Rmail either. If you are found to be roleplaying inappropriate content anywhere on the site, including Rmail, your account will be banned.

Feedback (Bugs & Glitches, Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Support.)

The necroposting rule DOES NOT APPLY in these subforums!

We encourage continuous discussion on all suggestions, site feedback, and bug reports.

• Please check existing threads to see if there is already a thread with the same topic before making a new one. This will keep the forums neat and all suggestions or feedback in one place.

Market (Art Commissions, Sales & Trades, Want Ads)

All dealings will be done "at your own risk", and staff will not provide refunds. This means if you prepay before the commission is done, or provide a final product before being paid, it is at your own risk.

• If there is found to be deliberate fault, staff will step in and take measures to prevent it happening again, but we are not going to moderate your dealings. It is up to you to play fair with each other. Pay what you agree to pay; draw what you agree to draw.

• Deliberate fault means scamming, repeatedly being paid up front and not coming through with your customers' work, repeatedly asking for art and then never paying for it, etc. It is fairly easy to tell the difference between occasional hiccups and consistent failure to follow through.

If you have any issues or questions, please Rmail Pegasus.

Last updated: December 12th, 2023.