Palora Isle Enchanted Springs Frozen Vale Atqueen Forest Whirlpool

Welcome to Atquati, I do hope you brought your swimsuit. Our planet is almost entirely covered by water, I bet you won't hear that on any other planet. What little land we do have is mostly covered in forests but don't despair, we do have one island that you can explore without getting your feet wet. The Northern Pole is frozen year-round, just remember to bring warm clothes and don't go too far in.

Even on our driest island we have exciting aquatic attractions. Take a swim in the Enchanted Springs for a chance at some great prizes, but be careful. If you don't remember to empty your pockets first you might lose some things in the water. If your Creatu isn't careful they might hurt themselves, so warn them to watch for coral.

Don't expect to find many land Creatu. If it doesn't swim it doesn't live here. The only place you might find anything that can't swim is the Atqueen Forest, where pets whose owners don't want them anymore can drop them off in the hopes that someone else will give them a good home.

Speaking of homes, many of our residents have opted to build their homes underwater rather than try to keep them afloat on the marshy ground so don't expect too many people to be around. This provides a calm, relaxing environment for you to explore. If you want some company, drop by and see Palora on Palora Isle. She is sure to make you smile, but don't be fooled, she is a powerful guardian and it is through her that Atquati is kept safe and peaceful.