0% Rarity - 1 minutes for incubation


  • In waters too deep for the vast majority of living things to survive, Guilbyss reign supreme. They are burdened with an extremely slow rate of growth, taking many years to reach their impressive adult size. This does come with one key advantage for their kind, however, in that they have extremely long lifespans. One can approximate the age of a Guilbyss by counting the branches of its coral-like antlers; for every decade or so one has lived, its antlers grow an additional branch. These antlers are sensitive to even the slightest movement in the water around the Creatu's head, allowing them to be highly effective ambush hunters. Guilbyss are highly opportunistic in terms of what they'll eat given the general scarcity of food at such depths. Adults use their antlers and flexible, muscular bodies to dig out a suitable hollow in the wall of the deep sea crevasse they call home from which they will snap up any morsels unfortunate enough to drift by. They have patience enough to wait in ambush for days but this must never be mistaken for laziness. As adaptable and changeable as the tide, even the slightest change in conditions will prompt a Guilbyss to respond with swift action. Earning the trust of a Guilbyss is a time-consuming task for which one must have a lot of patience. If given the security of a consistent feeding routine they will, in time, form a remarkably close bond with the one raising them. When a Guilbyss truly trusts an individual it will permit them to touch its coral antlers and even allow them to be held onto while the Creatu gives its dear friend a ride through the water. After this key moment of trust has occurred, your Guilbyss's loyalty to you will be as strong as the sea is deep.

Hatch Colors

  • sepia baby
  • sepia adolescent
  • sepia adult
  • cream baby
  • cream adolescent
  • cream adult
  • black baby
  • black adolescent
  • black adult
  • ginger baby
  • ginger adolescent
  • ginger adult
  • silver baby
  • silver adolescent
  • silver adult
  • blonde baby
  • blonde adolescent
  • blonde adult
  • albino baby
  • albino adolescent
  • albino adult
  • calico baby
  • calico adolescent
  • calico adult
  • achromatic baby
  • achromatic adolescent
  • achromatic adult

Dye Kit Colors

  • azure baby
  • azure adolescent
  • azure adult
  • lemon baby
  • lemon adolescent
  • lemon adult
  • indigo baby
  • indigo adolescent
  • indigo adult
  • rose baby
  • rose adolescent
  • rose adult
  • lime baby
  • lime adolescent
  • lime adult
  • magenta baby
  • magenta adolescent
  • magenta adult
  • orchid baby
  • orchid adolescent
  • orchid adult
  • amber baby
  • amber adolescent
  • amber adult
  • trance baby
  • trance adolescent
  • trance adult
  • rainbow baby
  • rainbow adolescent
  • rainbow adult

Birth Stone Colors

Starting Stats

  • Power: 23
    Defense: 8
    Agillity: 16
  • 15 health points 59 energy points