0% Rarity - 1 minutes for incubation


  • An ancient Scrian legend tells of the Liyure's origins, and such is the rarity of this species that many hold it to be fact. As the story goes, the first Liyures were born of stars that fell from the sky. Once their celestial light touched the ground, they solidified and became living, breathing felines with a heavenly shine and beauty beyond compare. In some accounts of this legendary tale the fallen Liyures are likened to angels or gods, who have heard mortal prayers and come to bless them with their glow. Across all four of the planets this tale is told, and the general consensus is the same; Liyures are blessings from above, and for one to descend from their celestial existence to live among mortal beings is a true miracle. Very little is known about Liyures beyond the legends of their origin. Even now, wild individuals are incredibly rare; they will appear in the night and disappear when the sun rises. Virtually nothing is known about their inner workings, either, as not a single dead specimen has ever been found or examined. Some accounts of the ancient stories seem to explain this mystery; when Liyures reach the end of their mortal time on Earth, they return to the starry heavens from whence they came. To that end it is said that brand new stars are in fact Liyures that have just returned to the sacred place of their ancestorsí birth. To find a Liyure egg is a miracle in itself, given their immense rarity in the wild and very few captive breeding pairs. Once hatched, young Liyures will express an immediate and overpowering interest in making their human companions happy; they will cuddle up closely at night and follow the one who hatched them anywhere. As they grow, their uniquely distinct sense of kindness and generosity will expand to others and they may form yet more unshakeable bonds, but none so strong as the bond with the one who hatched them. A Liyure will faithfully love their trusted companion until the end of time itself. Liyure eggs are impossible to find in the wild, so scientists have spent years working to capture and breed them for domestication. In doing so they have found that these great golden beasts hatch from bright blue gem-like spheres. They grow to about three or four feet high at the shoulder and can surpass three times that in length. Liyure aren't necessarily nocturnal Creatu, but they tend to be more active at night. Despite being a very calm and quiet Creatu, they are very suspicious, and even when raised from birth may never fully trust their owners. Nonetheless, Liyure are wonderful companions for any owner lucky enough to receive one.

Hatch Colors

  • black baby
  • black adolescent
  • black adult
  • albino baby
  • albino adolescent
  • albino adult
  • achromatic baby
  • achromatic adolescent
  • achromatic adult

Dye Kit Colors

  • azure baby
  • azure adolescent
  • azure adult
  • lemon baby
  • lemon adolescent
  • lemon adult
  • indigo baby
  • indigo adolescent
  • indigo adult
  • rose baby
  • rose adolescent
  • rose adult
  • lime baby
  • lime adolescent
  • lime adult
  • magenta baby
  • magenta adolescent
  • magenta adult
  • orchid baby
  • orchid adolescent
  • orchid adult
  • amber baby
  • amber adolescent
  • amber adult
  • snow baby
  • snow adolescent
  • snow adult
  • gold baby
  • gold adolescent
  • gold adult
  • blackgold baby
  • blackgold adolescent
  • blackgold adult
  • trance baby
  • trance adolescent
  • trance adult
  • rainbow baby
  • rainbow adolescent
  • rainbow adult
  • uldavian baby
  • uldavian adolescent
  • uldavian adult

Birth Stone Colors

Starting Stats

  • Power: 10
    Defense: 10
    Agillity: 10
  • 25 health points 59 energy points