0% Rarity - 1 minutes for incubation


  • The Viarindi is a mysterious Creatu that has recently begun to emerge from the dense forests of Relcore. They are rather elusive, slipping through the trees with ease at the first sign of being spotted. So, it can be quite hard getting close to them. In appearance they seem to be some sort of many-legged large ruminant, or deer, with a thick leathery armor shell and surprisingly prehensile tail. They can easily carry things with their tail, throw objects as they flee and, conceivably, may use it in battle. The armor shell on their back is rumored to be a divine gift to the Creatu from Adagu himself.

    These Creatu have a sweet tooth and can be observed licking sap from native trees. Adult Viarindi have been witnessed rubbing their antlers against tree trunks, gathering delicious sap for their young, as well as marking their favorite trees. A new discovery suggests that the Viarindi has supernatural healing abilities, due to the regrowth of the plant life it consumes. It is believed that they only consumed foliage that is diseased or otherwise.

    Young Viarindi rarely stay in typical family groups once their armor fully hardens and they are old enough to forage unaided. As early teens their curiosity drives them to venture out alone at this point. Viarindi have been seen to rush to each other's aid if they are truly outnumbered or at risk of being overpowered, although no outward call is given. This would suggest some sort of telepathic link between them. Judging by the hoof-marks occasionally found in the hides of various forest predators, they would appear to have a rather wicked kick! They appear to draw strength and sustenance from their surroundings, as they have been seen to be weaker when lured away from their preferred habitat. As such, Viarindi are seen as majestic ambassadors of Adagu's shrine and are frequently obtained for their popularity among Relcore citizens.

Hatch Colors

  • sepia baby
  • sepia adolescent
  • sepia adult
  • cream baby
  • cream adolescent
  • cream adult
  • black baby
  • black adolescent
  • black adult
  • ginger baby
  • ginger adolescent
  • ginger adult
  • silver baby
  • silver adolescent
  • silver adult
  • blonde baby
  • blonde adolescent
  • blonde adult
  • albino baby
  • albino adolescent
  • albino adult
  • calico baby
  • calico adolescent
  • calico adult
  • achromatic baby
  • achromatic adolescent
  • achromatic adult

Dye Kit Colors

  • azure baby
  • azure adolescent
  • azure adult
  • lemon baby
  • lemon adolescent
  • lemon adult
  • indigo baby
  • indigo adolescent
  • indigo adult
  • rose baby
  • rose adolescent
  • rose adult
  • lime baby
  • lime adolescent
  • lime adult
  • magenta baby
  • magenta adolescent
  • magenta adult
  • orchid baby
  • orchid adolescent
  • orchid adult
  • amber baby
  • amber adolescent
  • amber adult
  • trance baby
  • trance adolescent
  • trance adult
  • rainbow baby
  • rainbow adolescent
  • rainbow adult

Birth Stone Colors

Starting Stats

  • Power: 6
    Defense: 14
    Agillity: 22
  • 7 health points 59 energy points