0% Rarity - 1 minutes for incubation


  • Cetari are serene entities that grow to immense sizes unmatched by any other Creatu. These leviathans of the sky are, however, gentle giants. Adults spend their whole lives in the air, only stopping to lodge their eggs within the rocky crevices on Scria's cliffs. Newly hatched Cetari have partially translucent, boneless bodies and in their first months of life they can only clumsily squirm through the air at best. As they grow they develop bones and their affinity for their element deepens, eventually manifesting itself in the adults' ability to swim through the skies with ease. Their ties to their element have made them exceptional navigators. Cetari have the unique ability to pick up on the emotional state of any human or Creatu for miles around. Should they detect that someone is feeling especially lost or scared, they will defect from their migratory path and dutifully seek them out in order to lead them to safety. Even in the face of a raging hurricane their stalwart serenity remains absolute; it is in every Cetari's nature to nurture and guide others, with their calm demeanor carrying them past any obstacle. Baby Cetari are extremely delicate, given their complete lack of bones at this point. They are best kept indoors at this stage of their lives. Those blessed few who hatch Cetari typically allow them to roam the planet freely when they grow too big to be kept in a house, in the knowledge that their navigational skills and empathic bond with the ones who hatch them will lead them back home again. No matter how far from home it might roam, a Cetari will always return to your side when you need it most.

Hatch Colors

  • sepia baby
  • sepia adolescent
  • sepia adult
  • cream baby
  • cream adolescent
  • cream adult
  • black baby
  • black adolescent
  • black adult
  • ginger baby
  • ginger adolescent
  • ginger adult
  • silver baby
  • silver adolescent
  • silver adult
  • blonde baby
  • blonde adolescent
  • blonde adult
  • albino baby
  • albino adolescent
  • albino adult
  • calico baby
  • calico adolescent
  • calico adult
  • achromatic baby
  • achromatic adolescent
  • achromatic adult

Dye Kit Colors

  • azure baby
  • azure adolescent
  • azure adult
  • lemon baby
  • lemon adolescent
  • lemon adult
  • indigo baby
  • indigo adolescent
  • indigo adult
  • rose baby
  • rose adolescent
  • rose adult
  • lime baby
  • lime adolescent
  • lime adult
  • magenta baby
  • magenta adolescent
  • magenta adult
  • orchid baby
  • orchid adolescent
  • orchid adult
  • amber baby
  • amber adolescent
  • amber adult
  • trance baby
  • trance adolescent
  • trance adult
  • rainbow baby
  • rainbow adolescent
  • rainbow adult

Birth Stone Colors

Starting Stats

  • Power: 13
    Defense: 8
    Agillity: 8
  • 17 health points 59 energy points