Scria Care Center Town of Loyna Scrora Cloud

Welcome to Scria, bundle up because the gusting wind has a way of sweeping away warmth. It's a wonder most of our walking surface is not blown away at times of storms. Most of the flat surface is just dense clouds after all. Oh, don't be scared, you won't fall through. Of course, we don't build our cities on the clouds. They are built into the windswept cliff sides that rise above the dense clouds. I hope you aren't afraid of heights because the only way to get there is by Drindian or one of our flying machines. Everything here either flies or climbs like you walk, but if you're really that scared of letting your feet leave a solid surface then hop on to one of our gondolas.

How any of our plants survive is a mystery, but they're all sorts of wonderful colors and they are the best on any of the planets for medicine. Why do you think the Scria Care Center was built here instead of say Reiflem? We're also the most technologically advanced of the Four Planets, which is why we have such innovative modes of transportation and amenities. Even Kir, the visitor from the Fifth Planet, chose our planet over the others to settle on.

We are the only remaining planet to have a royal family so please, do drop by. They always welcome visitors and are eager to hear what you think of their homes. Stop by and see princess Loyna as well, she is the guardian of our breezy planet and extremely proud of it.