June 2, 2009 - Away

I will be away for the next 2 days celebrating my birthday in NYC. I'll be back Thursday afternoon ready to work. Don't worry though, I have sent off a big list of bugs/glitches/upgrades for the programmers to work on, so many of the issues we've found should be fixed and ready to upload when I come back.

I'll see you all then. 

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May 30, 2009 - Updates


As promised, I've added the April 2009 Premium Pack back to the credit shop. I will add the new May one some time tomorrrow.

Here are some of the flixes/additions I've added tonight.


  1. Added item names and the ability to deselect at the Quick Stock page
  2. Fixed the problem with daily turn resets
  3. Added the ability to send items on the inventory popup page.
  4. Pet trading is fixed.
  5. Stocks trade limit fixed to 50,000 shares instead of 49,999
  6. Stock market bug fixed. The increases and decreases will be normal now.
  7. Item names added to Reiflem Storage.



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May 29, 2009 - Credit Shop

I just want to make a quick note that the Credit Shop is now functional again. Purchasing credits over paypal is 100% safe. The last two credit shop packages will be added back to the shop late tonight for a few more days, and the May Credit Shop package will be available for a month.

We are continuing to plug away at all of the glitches/bugs you guys have reported. Our coders are working on a large batch of updates/fixes and they will be uploaded Monday morning.

More to come soon! 

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May 28, 2009 - v2 Bugs

Hello everyone!

I've opened up the site once again. We've fixed most of the major bugs you found today. There are still many small ones, and rest assured, they will be fixed soon too.

Inventory has been fixed. 

If you think you are missing egg items, you aren't! Eggs no longer show in your inventory. You can see them in your Hatchery. 

The Chatroom has been disabled as it caused insane amounts of lag to the website. We have ordered another new server to use for the chatroom, and it should be back in a matter of days. For now, you can use our old chatroom. The link is under the navigation.

For those of you who lost pets in the Atqueen Forest (which is now fixed)...If you have not opened a support ticket telling us which pets you've lost, please do so. Staff are returning your pets as we speak. The Atqueen Forest is now safe to use.

The Stock Market has been fixed.

Dye Kits and Regression Rays have been fixed.

For those of you who believe you lost pets in your Rancher Shops... You didn't lose your pets! They are in your Rancher Shop. With the new system, you cannot see pets in your shop that have a price of 0 tu. When you stock your pets, they are automatically stocked with the price of 0. To edit their prices, click the "Edit Stock" link.

Everyone has been given 2 bonus Class Changes!

We will keep you posted! Please keep the reports and suggestions coming. We will be sending a big list of things to do off to the coders shortly and hopefully get most of your requests in.

Thank you and enjoy. Cool 

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May 28, 2009 - Rescreatu v2 Release

Hello everyone and welcome to the Rescreatu v2 release! It is about 4am right now and the site is finally ready enough to allow you guys to sign in. Smile

All the staff have worked tiredlessly for months on this new version. We hope you will like it.

Please realize that there is still some work to be finished. I am simply too beat to keep working tonight. We will start again sometime tomorrow. Some things you may notice while browsing v2:
- Some games do not yet work
- Some items do not have their functionality programmed
- Ordering credits is not functional at this time
- Some other pages may be down

I ask that you do not worry about these problems. They will all be dealt with tomorrow and everything should be fixed very soon. Staff will begin to collect bug reports, and we will send out a list of things to fix to our programmers tomorrow.

During the day, we will release more information and some special events to celebrate the launch of v2. Look forward to this evening for the real fun to start!

Have fun exploring the site. Like I said, there is still some work to finish, but I need to get some sleep! Wink 

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