Changelogs for 15 May 2024
Fixed Verification emails for new users are fixed and fully functional.
Changelogs for 14 Feb 2024
Added Created and pinned a thread for reporting grammar, spelling, and formatting issues in the Bugs & Glitches forum.
Changelogs for 06 Nov 2023
Added Added functionality to the item database that shows if an item is obtainable from another item.
Changelogs for 31 Aug 2023
Fixed There was a bug that awarded the wrong avatar for creatu that reached 900 Nourishment. This has now been fixed! If you know you've reached that milestone with a creatu but have since sold/given away that pet, and still don't have the "Stuffed!" avatar, please send in a ticket.
Changelogs for 08 Jul 2023
Added User IDs are now listed on profile for every user.