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November 22, 2020 - Uldavi Iubui + Contest Results!
Uldavian Iubui
https://media.rescreatu.com/pets/66/adult.png https://media.rescreatu.com/pets/66/adult.png

It seems that with the large amounts of Iubui Creatu being hatched by citizens of all planets of Rescreatu, some of them have been noticed having a very strange reaction to a certain Activated Comet Fragment!

When an Adult Iubui is introduced to the Activated Uldavian Comet Fragment the Iubui evolves into an entirely new Creatu species - the Uldavian Iubui!

gold adulttrance adult

black adultalbino adultachromatic adult

azure adultlemon adultindigo adult

rose adultlime adultmagenta adult

orchid adultamber adult

The Uldavian Iubui is a new Creatu species! Simply use an Activated Uldavian Comet Fragment in your inventory on an Adult Iubui of any color, and your Iubui will transform into an Uldavian Iubui of the same color! Once transformed into an Uldavian Iubui, you cannot reverse this change!

+ =

How do you obtain an Activated Uldavian Comet Fragment, you may ask? Just combine an Uldavi Essence (Kir's Quest Shop) with an Uldavian Comet Fragment (Random Events) via the Cooking Basin and you will activate your Comet Fragment!

I wonder what other strange transformations the Iubui might be capable of?

Halloween Contest Results

The Halloween Contest Results are in! Here are the winners:


Overall Highest Total Score - Vagabond

Color Usage - Juke
Quality - Vagabond
Originality of Media - Acari
Creativity - Noodles27
Honorable Mention - RewsDragon


Overall Highest Total Score - Dan

Scariest - Zavira
Most Intimidating - Dan
Most Creative - tututu
Most Intricate - Feather
Honorable Mention - Phos


Overall Highest Total Score - Schemes

Adherence to Theme - Unicorn
Aesthetic - Schemes
Creativity - Noir
Quality - Autumn
Honorable Mention - Sapphira

Prizes will be sent out to winners and participants soon!

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November 22, 2020 - Weekly Raffle Results!

The results are in! The winner for this weeks raffle was Pavnix! Congratulations! The winning pot was 41,649,250 tu.

The raffle has been reset, and you may now buy tickets for next weeks drawing. Remember, the starting pot is always 25,000,000TU, so grab your tickets for a chance to win!

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November 20, 2020 - Iubui!
Introducing the Iubui!

The Iubui is a brand new Mythical Creatu!

black babyblack adolescentblack adult

albino babyalbino adolescentalbino adult

achromatic babyachromatic adolescentachromatic adult

trance babytrance adolescenttrance adult

azure babylemon adolescentindigo adult

rose babylime adolescentmagenta adult

orchid babyamber adolescentgold adult

Iubui Creatu Eggs and Iubui Egg Nests are now available year-round as a permanent addition to the Cash Shop!

To celebrate the release of the Iubui, for the rest of November, ALL Creatu now have DOUBLE the chance of hatching in Albino - this includes the new Iubui, along with all other Planet, Uldavi, and Cash Shop Creatu - such as Kioka, Liyure, and Omni! Remember, Achromatic still has DOUBLE the chance of hatching as well during November!

Have you seen these new Planet Essences around while Exploring, or in Kir's Shop? They might be useful in the very near future!

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November 19, 2020 - New Squishy, New Skins!
Squishy Shop


The Squishy Shop has somehow gotten in a supply of one of the Mysterious Squishies that Malcolm had! Needing a better name for it, Debbie has decided on calling it an 'Iubui' Squishy! These are now permanently stocking as a Legendary item.


Comet Fragments are being found all over Rescreatu! Previously, all of them were thought to be collected from the surface of the planets. However, something seems to be drawing them out to the surface! With the Comet likely years away from another pass by, I wonder what could be causing this? They might be useful soon, so I would hang onto any you may find!


Keeping with the Comet theme, both Kir and K1R807 are now selling a very limited supply of Uldavian Stardust Skins!


Also keeping with the Comet theme, the Cash Shop is now selling a very limited supply of Stardust Skins in the purple Cash Shop Stardust theme for 50 CP each!

Both Stardust Skins will only be available until Monday, November 30th, at 11:59:59pm RST!
The Iubui Squishy is a permanent addition to the Squishy Shop.

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November 18, 2020 - Achromatic Mythicals, Cash Shop Sale!
Achromatic Mythical Creatu!
achromatic babyachromatic adolescentachromatic adult
achromatic babyachromatic adolescentachromatic adult

achromatic babyachromatic adolescentachromatic adult

It seems that Malcolm was onto something with his Achromatic Mythical Squishies! There have been sightings of Achromatic Kioka, Liyure, and Omni around the planets of Rescreatu!

achromatic adultachromatic adultachromatic adult

achromatic adultachromatic adultachromatic adult

achromatic adultachromatic adultachromatic adult

achromatic adultachromatic adultachromatic adult

Kioka, Liyure, and Omni can now be hatched in Achromatic!
These are our original Cash Shop Creatu and have not received a new hatch color since release - as a part of our 15th Birthday Celebration, they have finally received a much-needed update!

For the rest of November, ALL Creatu now have DOUBLE the chance of hatching in Achromatic - this includes Kioka, Liyure, and Omni!
Cash Shop Sale!


All of the Mythical Creatu Eggs and the Mythical Egg Bundle are now on sale for a discounted rate!

These will be on sale until Monday, November 30th, at 11:59:59pm RST; at which point they will return to regular price.

Random Update Contest!


Comment your favorite Achromatic Mythical Creatu below and one lucky winner will get a Mythical Creatu Egg of their choice! Entries will close on November 24th at 11:59:59pm. Please, only one comment per user!

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