June 22, 2009 - Random Fixes and Update

Here are the random fixes and updates we've made today:


  1. Added price range to pet search.
  2. Fixed gender in pet search. 
  3. Fixed lag issues.
  4. Fixed categories in show room.
  5. Fixed releasing pets in Atqueen Forest. 


Comments: 17

kjhebb - July 5, 2009
hello how do i get to see my pets?i am on the new version for the first time and cant find them
felineLOVER - June 24, 2009
Thanks! But what about the rejection of respal requests? *makes puppy eyes in kitty version*
whatever6551 - June 24, 2009
I would say good job, but the Omni is gone. DX So instead I'll tell you that you can't find any pets in the forest, the link is broken.
princessLynnie - June 24, 2009
Keep up the good work. I am happy when you are happy.
PoisonIvy27 - June 24, 2009
Hello, I have a few problems that i thought you might like to know about but I can't seem to find an email, the contact us does not work either. Good updates by the way and please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks.
Geonightrose - June 22, 2009
Good job Patrick. I prefer not to use these myself, but its nice to have them working again... just in case.
Fenikkusu - June 22, 2009
That is AWESOME, Pat. Thanks for all your hard work!
Eiji - June 22, 2009
Thanks a ton, Pat. <3
Princess Girl - June 22, 2009
Thanks Pat! I really wanted to release a few of my verams!
EmoRotweiler - June 22, 2009
and what about the pet auction...i cant veiw "my pet auctions" it redirects me to the same page i was on before
BlueBunny - June 22, 2009
what about fixing the picking up eggs?
Jzbelle - June 22, 2009
Un-quantified thank you, Pat! XD
Phos - June 22, 2009
thanks pat! ;)
luvin0it - June 22, 2009
Thanks! :)
Starseed - June 22, 2009
Thanks Pat :) @Tory: you can get more than 13 categories, I guess you can have as many as we have creatu species @Pat: Will it become possible to put pictures into showrooms/galleries/shops, as we can have them in our profiles already, in the near future? Would be great though. Keep up the good work! :)
Tory - June 22, 2009
How many categories do we have now in the show room? But it's really really great. Thank you, Pat! But one important question: When will the healing center work again?
BritneySpearsFan - June 22, 2009