May 7, 2024 - Egg Painting Contest Results!

Toby and I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Egg Painting Contest!

Grandma n' I really enjoyed looking through them to find our favorites, but it was super hard to decide!! 

We chose:

(Click items to see winning entries)

🌱 Relcore: QueenKami 🔥 Reiflem: Buzzard 

🌀 Scria: Tea 💧 Atquati: RainofStars

Honorable Mentions: eenobegeeto, MoonBunny, MintyMaddi, and CheeseLiker!

[ You can view all the entries here ]

🥚 Each new Painted Elemental Egg can

be found through Explore and Toby's Egg Painting until Spring Event closes (May 14th)! 🥚

Congratulations to the winners!

Each winner received a gold Trophy, full set of Painted Elemental Eggs, and a Mahina or Iubui Egg of their choice. Honorable mentions received a One Hundred Relking Coin item.

All participants received a Spring Malal, Forum Avatar and Trophy for their commendable efforts.

🌸 { The Spring Event closes next Tuesday, May 14th! } 🌸

Comments: 3

MoonBunny - May 8, 2024
Congrats winners and all the entries were lovely ^-^
Halloween - May 8, 2024
Ooo.. pretty! Congrats y'all.
LethalTorment - May 7, 2024
Amazing winning entries, and entries in general! Congratulations!