September 14, 2021 - Squishy Bin
Squishy Bin

In the back of the old Freaky Toy Store, Debbie found this bin filled to the brim with perfectly not-freaky squishies! Ursula said she didn't want to sell them and they were what the old owner of the toy store used to make, so the pair decided to give them away! But some seem to be a bit more magical than other squishies in the bin...

While the Squishy Bin has a limited inventory for now, there will be more added soon. 

You can take a squishy once every 20 minutes

Click here to find the Squishy Bin, or find it on the Activities page under Luck!

Magical Squishies

You also have a chance to find all new Magical Squishies in the Squishy Bin! These squishies will change your Creatu into the same Species and Color as the Magical Squishy you use! Please note, this change is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Unfortunately, it seems the Squishy Bin doesn't contain any Magical Cash Shop or Uldavian Squishies. I wonder if those will be finding their way to the citizens of Rescreatu soon...

Comments: 18

GlitterGirl - September 15, 2021
cool im exsited
Geonightrose - September 15, 2021
Goodness. This sounds kinda good, and kinda... too good. Wonder what I'll get, though. They look sweet.
SongbirdX - September 15, 2021
More squishies are always good!
XerxesTexasToast - September 15, 2021
I'm loving the gacha mechanic that the magic squishies provide
candiilover - September 15, 2021
Whoaaa wicked cool! I wonder what the spawn rate is for the magic squishies..
Albion - September 15, 2021
Please, I can't put the magical nat otachie squishy into storage. Is there a reason for that as I don't want it left out in case I miss view it an accidently use it. It went into my gallery ok.
Kalati - September 15, 2021
magical squishies!!
Evelyan - September 15, 2021
OMG, this is so great. Love it.
ParisFurbaby - September 14, 2021
Yes I love ever detail!
Albion - September 14, 2021
One of the nicest ideas on here for ages !
JadeTheWolf - September 14, 2021
Silverstream94 - September 14, 2021
These are freaking AWESOME!!
Halloween - September 14, 2021
Woah.. woah. Wow.. like a cheat sheet to kir. I wonder what kir thinks of these.
Elohim - September 14, 2021
yes yes 100% yes
Rumor - September 14, 2021
Spooky - September 14, 2021
This is lovely
TheBernMan - September 14, 2021
Very Cool!
Xichen - September 14, 2021