May 30, 2021 - Creatu Collections
So you're addicted to collecting creatu...?


Did you know there are a total of 1,249 possible variations of colored creatu?

If you enjoy collecting creatu and want to slim down your Showroom, consider the new Creatu Collection feature!

Collecting creatu also contributes towards your daily rewards.

You may access Creatu Collections from the Activities page or from profiles where you can show off how many creatu you have collected and how many collections have been completed. You can also share your creatu collections with others, allowing them to browse through your collecting progress.

Note: Creatu that are collected are removed from the game and are permanently collected - you cannot retrieve access to these creatu once collected. We know this feature won't be for everyone but for those who are interested, we hope you enjoy.

Comments: 21

bunnies - May 31, 2021
Not for me, but interesting idea. I love having my hoard of pets in my showroom. lol
Toxoplasma - May 31, 2021
While I likely won’t use this as I form my Creatu collections around specific pets I want to keep- I think it’s a good concept and implementation overall!
Juke - May 31, 2021
slams all my pets in here
Xichen - May 31, 2021
This is such a great idea! Still on the fence on whether I want to use it because I do like having my collections in my showroom, but this is a really cool feature :D
TheBernMan - May 31, 2021
LOVE THIS! yes we shall still collect Names in showrooms but this helps weed out some (one of each) more room in rancher now I suppose. We need ALL the species included in collections. Thanks!
Albion - May 31, 2021
Tried out with a couple of naturals and had descernible movement on the Daily reward points bar so this looks useful way of getting those last few points for an elusive reward. Thank you.
Albion - May 31, 2021
Nice year long plan forming to hatch the colours , Gone to search my rancher shop for candidates to hand in.
Albion - May 31, 2021
" slim down your Showroom, consider " ..... laugh out loud, " My beloveds " , hugs them and locks the door.
Tamabits - May 31, 2021
Noir - May 30, 2021
O...okay then?...o.o
RainofStars - May 30, 2021
YEEEESSSS! Thank you for implementing this suggestion! :D
ParisFurbaby - May 30, 2021
Wow I love the ideal ❤
Patrick - May 30, 2021
"Kool but needs a few tweeks" @K Feel free to drop you suggestions.
K - May 30, 2021
Kool but needs a few tweeks
ChinchillaMistress - May 30, 2021
Can you put mutants in here too?
Tory - May 30, 2021
Names are lost? Than it isn't something for me, because I love the names of my creatu. But nice idea. ;)
Patrick - May 30, 2021
@Ravensong The pets are removed from the game and just a record of it in your collection is saved - so yes, names are lost.
Ravensong - May 30, 2021
do they lose their names? Just wondering if I need to rename them something else if I want to keep the name.
Chemchem - May 30, 2021
Oh, I am loving this.
Hallows - May 30, 2021
OMG so cool!
Buzzard - May 30, 2021
cool :D