October 11, 2020 - Planet Residence, Explore, Miscellaneous Updates!

Planet Aura Candles


You now have the ability to blow out your planet Aura Candles early, returning you back to your home planet. To do so, click on the Aura Candle icon next to your planet residency in the navigation. This will bring you to a new page where you can blow out your candle.

But be certain, because once you extinguish the candle you won't be able to relight it!

Planet Mirror

Planet Mirrors are now functional! A Planet Mirror will allow a user to change their planet of residence once per 24 hours. Planet Mirrors are account locked and cannot be traded. A Planet Mirror cannot be used while you are burning a Planet Aura Candle.


To help balance, we have reduced the rate at which pets become hungry while exploring.

New Items!

Four new Legendary items are stocking. Cucumbers are stocking at the Healthy Food Stand and Shaker, Salt, and Pepper are stocking in Cooking Supplies.


Did you know Quests now ask for Common items, in addition to Rare, Very Rare, and Uncommon?

Comments: 6

Otachie - October 12, 2020
I'm so happy we finally got a cucumber as an item!!! If someone tells me that Bucky also did the art i will roll on the floor.
Dan - October 11, 2020
Allur, Legendary are not asked for from quests.
XAllurcore - October 11, 2020
Ignore my first part question, lol.
XAllurcore - October 11, 2020
Did you mean to put common items before saying in addition? That saying, all squishys in the Squishy Shop has a chance to be asked for in the quest?
Suede - October 11, 2020
OMG, thank you for all the new development/items.. and I'm extremely happy the planet mirrors now work.
Eiji - October 11, 2020
love seeing all this development, great job guys