July 30, 2020 - Loyna's Cetari!

Now that Otroe has had his fun, it's my time to shine. I've used my whale-spent time researching on Scria rather than messing around with potatoes, unlike some people. I bring you my great findings:

calico adultachromatic adultalbino adult
blonde adultblack adulttrance adult
cream babysilver babyamber baby
lemon adolescentindigo adolescentrose adolescent

The new Cetari Creatu!

This Creatu is a part of the Scria species, but is quite rare. Due to how limited it is, I've decided to only give this Creatu out to the most dedicated residents of Scria - those who have frequently visited my Shrine and can bring me Three Blessed Elemental Creatu in exchange for each Cetari Creatu Egg. 


The Cetari is a new, Evolving Season Creatu.
The seasons shown here in order are: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
These new Evolving Season Creatu are unique in a few ways:
They have a changing Natural color that automatically evolves with the Rescreatu seasons.
Cannot have applied effects.
Cannot change color via Natural Colored Jelly Beans.
Cannot change color via Enchanted Springs.
Eggs do not fail when fully incubated.
Eggs do not spoil.

You must be a resident of that specific planet to visit the Guardian Loyalty Quest.

Lastly, I'm sure you're excited to hear from Adagu and Palora on what's going on with Relcore and Atquati. 

Adagu is should have an announcement for you in the coming days. Unfortunately, it seems Palora has been feeling quite eel - whoops, I mean, quite ill - but she should have information about Atquati soon!

Comments: 11

bunnies - August 1, 2020
Thank you Xichen :)
Xichen - July 31, 2020
Only scrian elemental pets are accepted by Loyna, bunnies.
Ruse79 - July 31, 2020
omg i need the cetari it's so adorable so excited to see what creatu are next!
bunnies - July 31, 2020
And by same planet, I mean like only Scria blessed pets for the Cetari.
bunnies - July 31, 2020
Question: Do the blessed creatu have to be from the same planet or can they be from any planet?
Evelyan - July 31, 2020
It's beautiful. I love it.
Eiji - July 30, 2020
thank you for this beautiful meal
Xichen - July 30, 2020
I love this whale!! These new creatu are so beautiful!
Crow - July 30, 2020
So cool!! :D Also, I have a fEELing I know what the new creatu is... -u-
Oriette - July 30, 2020
These are so beautiful, wonderful work! <3 Those swirly tails speak to me on a spiritual level. :')
PinkParadise - July 30, 2020
These creatu look AMAZING so far. All the staff of rescreatu and artists are doing incredible. Thank you so much for these additions, cant wait to see my planets creatu eventually <3