May 14, 2020 - Many fun things
Elemental Egg Design Results

Wow, we loved the fantastic array of elemental designs this year! Grandma and I really enjoyed looking through them to choose our favorites. It was hard to decide which ones we liked the most, but these are the ones we chose:

For the Scria egg, we picked Autumn's entry.
For the Reiflem egg, we picked Rosette's entry.
For the Relcore egg, we picked Kush's entry.
For the Atquati egg, we picked Pegasus' entry.

(Click on the egg image to view the full-sized original entry)
Congratulations to the winners of the Elemental Egg Painting Contest! Each winner will receive a full set of painted elemental eggs and a Cyid Egg Nest. 

All participants of the egg design contest will receive a Spring Malal (wearable item) for their commendable efforts.

Toby's egg painting is now open and the new elemental designs can now be painted onto your Creatu eggs! 

Painted Cash Shop eggs are now available for purchase in the Cash Shop.

Karrie's Shop

It's finally time to open my shop again this year! You can turn in shiny things for points, and use those points to buy egg painting kits from my shop. Then you can learn patterns and use the egg painting kits to get painted eggs from Toby, which you can turn in to me for more points! 

I've started experimenting with using the lovely spring flowers in some yummy dishes. I've also brought back some sweet items that haven't been stocked for a while. Be sure to hop on by!

The planter event will be closing on May the 18th at 11:59pm Rescreatu time. This includes all the fertilizer pages, the planter and the plant shop. The egg hunting scenes where you can find seeds will also close at this time. Make sure you have handed in all your flowers by then! 


Collections have received an update. All the new spring seeds and flowers have been added to their respective existing collections, and 20 new collections have been added. These are as follows:

Candy Cane
Summer Necessities
Wrapping Paper
Planet Snowman
Cinco de Mayo 2020
Christmas Cracker
Christmas Cracker Joke
Planet Easter Eggs
Hot Chocolate
Puffer Jackets
Grow, Baby, Grow!
Puffer Pants
Fertilizer Elements
Basic Leggings
Basic Dyed Leggings
Basic Turtleneck
Basic Dyed Turtleneck
Creatu Beanbags
2020 Painted Elemental Eggs 

Access your collections by clicking on the flag in the top left corner!

Comments: 9

crowflux - May 16, 2020
Congrats to the winners and all the participants!! Everyone's submissions to the contest were so lovely, it truly was hard to choose <3
omnoms - May 15, 2020
love those eggs!! 5/5
Xichen - May 14, 2020
Wow, those eggs are stunning!
Kalati - May 14, 2020
Karrie's new items are so cute :') Also yes! Seed and flower collections! I was worried I was saving stuff for no reason.
Kush - May 14, 2020
Congrats Aut, Rosette and Peg! <3
Autumn - May 14, 2020
will karrie's shop be closing on may 18th as well?
Schemes - May 14, 2020
Congratulations to the winners!!! Amazing art
purplehen427 - May 14, 2020
yay congrats <:<>
Autumn - May 14, 2020
OH AWESOME!! congrats to the other winners!!