September 29, 2019 - Aahna Wants Stardust

Isn't this wonderful? The comet is just about as bright as it can get now. It should be visible to the naked eye! I have been informed that Aahna has asked for samples of the dust for some sort of experiment she is conducting, maybe you should ask her about it, I'm quite sure she'd be very happy for any assistance you can give her!


Ezahni and Wyrae are now available in the Cosmic effect! Ezahni will be available in the Cash Shop for the next 2 weeks.

Comments: 7

Kina - September 29, 2019
If you go to Aahna and there is no pop up...make sure of these things first. Did you start the quest? As in did you go to Reiflem and get your telescope and map? If not do that. Then go to Faheem the potion shop shopkeeper. If you did ALL of that and still don't get the popup do you have adblock running? If so disable it sometimes adblock can mess with things. If you still don't get the pop up then idk send in a ticket xD
Billbee - September 29, 2019
All I get taken to is the Resurrection Quest. I don;t think this is working right if we are supposed to give dust!?!
Halloween - September 29, 2019
Sweet beans!!
Juke - September 29, 2019
What a tasty Wyrae
Avadiller - September 29, 2019
the quest is normal. nothing is happening?
purplehen427 - September 29, 2019
wait, I am confused, I gave aahna only one of my core fragments and it didn't do anything?
Albion - September 29, 2019
Ezahni and Wyrae ~ lovely, so pleased.