February 11, 2009 - Name Tag Issues

Hey guys,

We've gotten a few reports recently about issues with the Name Tags. Some players have had problems when they try to swap their pets names by using name tags. For example, you have a pet named "Joe" and you want to name another of your pets that. So you use a Name Tag to change Joe's name and another name tag to give the name "Joe" to another one of your pets. 

Now, most of the time this will work. Some people have reported issues where it says the name of the pet is still taken. Let me explain why this is.

There was a bug that would allow users to hatch pets with a duplicate name. It wasn't checking the names of the pets in the graveyard for a long time. So, you might have gotten a good name that wasn't really available. You got a duplicated name.

What happened is, the script was fixed and now it verifies for duplicate names in the grave yard. So pets you hatched with a name may be a duplicate. When you try to swap names, the game will now recognize that it was a duplicate and give you an error message. 

So, be careful when you are using a name tag in this fashion. The name of your pet may be a duplicate.

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synm - October 25, 2012
synm - October 25, 2012
ribunny123 - February 11, 2009
you already put this...... im confused
ninja8537 - February 6, 2009
wow maybe you could of said that EARLIER!!!!! Oh well, thx anyways. Now I know not to do it again.
Demi42 - February 5, 2009
Tank you
xeeroh - February 5, 2009
I think if the graveyard was cleared there would be lots of complaints from people with dead pets who would never be able to revive them. This is just something users have to be aware of, it has actually been going on a long while, but it'll go away eventually as the names are tagged...At least when you buy tags from the credit shop you get 4!
mewIchigo111 - February 5, 2009
ahh!!! thanks for telling us!=^^=
April - February 5, 2009
Perhaps the graveyard and forest could be cleared on a regular basis from now on?
House - February 5, 2009
Too bad I didn't figure that out before I used my name tag last night |:
Phos - February 5, 2009
is that why i got the name TrueDesire?
Maybell - February 5, 2009
Thankies Patrick~ =D
Wolfwinx - February 5, 2009
Thank you Patrick :)
Roxas - February 5, 2009
Check the forested pets too, Pat. There are lots of same named pets
mikaela - February 4, 2009
Thankz for telling =]
Dawnheart - February 4, 2009
So that's what happened to Rosa. Thanks for the notice, Pat. :3
Outsane - February 4, 2009
Thanks for the heads up. ;)
ruthie22410 - February 4, 2009
heehee, I do have a pet named Joe and was thinking of putting it on another pet one day with a name tag. I hope it isn't a duplicate name!
_Ranvier - February 4, 2009
So that's what happened with my three failed name attempts...
Krillacreat - February 4, 2009
Zennie is still confused here. *bangs head on PAWS desk*
felineLOVER - February 4, 2009
Rozi - February 4, 2009
thank you ;]
Meggie4584 - February 4, 2009
Oh ya thanks!