February 22, 2009 - Server
There have been reports of several users being unable to access the new server. We have investigated the issue, and it turns out there is a hardware problem. They will fix it today, but the site will be down during the time. I don't know the exact time the server will go down at, but it should be back up tonight by around 8pm.

Comments: 13

Roxas - February 23, 2009
Thanks Patrick, I think Holy is affected with it >.>
Ceiyru - February 23, 2009
Thanks for getting everything fixed Pat. It's been three days since I was last able to get on Res.
1ran - February 22, 2009
Thanks Patrick. I'm dying forom lack of res.
Strawberry - February 22, 2009
Can someone tell me how to turn off the emails from Rescreatu that are flooding my inbox?
Patrick - February 22, 2009
Wolferia, the site is not on v2 yet. Just a new server.
Soulyter - February 22, 2009
Never end a sentence with a preposition.
Stillwater3 - February 22, 2009
Thank You for the heads up.
Geonightrose - February 22, 2009
I get the occasional disconnect but I've always gotten right back in on Firefox.
BlueBunny - February 22, 2009
I can't access Res on Internet Explorer. It works on AOL though... :)
GG - February 22, 2009
The sites been casually going down for me for days
Outsane - February 22, 2009
So much downtime. LOL. Thanks Pat.
Wolfeira - February 22, 2009
Yep, myself and my sister aren't accessing V2 just yet. But thanks for everything you've done so far, Pat. :)
eenobegeeto - February 22, 2009
Patrick, I'm still having issues with the page content not loading. I get the background format but no pictures or links, just the copyright notice.