November 18, 2014 - Jaaku and Ebilia Hunt

The time has finally come to begin the annual Jaaku and Ebilia Egg Hunt!

This year, we wanted to bring you something new and adventurous! Instead of the traditional way to hunt eggs, you will now need to visually search for them! Items may also be found.

 Each hunt will last 48 hours. Once you activate the Hunt, you will not be able to stop the timer!

Keep your eyes open, and have fun exploring!

Comments: 49

Salis - November 24, 2014
Thank you so much for your hard work guys. I really love this years egg hunt it is AWESOME. Thanks again.
FrostLightRose - November 23, 2014
Is something up with the Jaaku egg hunt as I have been searching for a while now and nothing has come up. At first starting the hunt it was working and now it has been over a half hour and nothing has showed up.
Avo - November 23, 2014
When will the egg hunt end?
Thaliel - November 22, 2014
countdown finished, did not see anything
Hawthorn - November 22, 2014
I dont know how to do this. Ive seen people say they have figured it out but how?
HappyMomCat7 - November 22, 2014
I got enough ebila eggs but when I went to do the Jaaku hunt no eggs show up.And I did click on an item but it did not record that I got that item.
creativepainter - November 22, 2014
I've lost 2 eggs in a row now due to glitches..
BOBERT - November 21, 2014
@Thaliel same here, wasted both my 48 hour windows, what are we supposed to do??
Thaliel - November 20, 2014
someone olz give me a hint, am I supposed to do anything other than repeatedly click explore nward?
SpookyHollows - November 19, 2014
Oops!Nevermind I figured it out now. XD
SpookyHollows - November 19, 2014
Haven't found a single egg yet...do you need to click random areas on the pictures, or do the eggs just show up when you go in an area? I'm confused. x.x
Shadly - November 19, 2014
I sure love participating in Halloween events in November!!! Thanks Staff!!!!
PeasOnEarth - November 19, 2014
Xichen - November 19, 2014
Thank you so much for working so hard to put this new hunting style together! As for the discontent of the other users, hey, at least it's not repetitive F5, right? That can get sooooo boring xD New things are gonna have a few bugs to work out. Can't be completely perfect otherwise testing would have taken too long and we'd be having the Resmas in February LOL Hey, at least it's not at bad as the original release of the Ice Tunnels, right? |D
o0FairyDust0o - November 19, 2014
Thanks for this. ;3 I love Ebilia, and I need a calico Jaaku, so fingers crossed!!
Halloween - November 19, 2014
Working great for me. I use Google Chrome. some eggs were a tiny bit invisible. Just a very edge of the egg can show and it will count as being there. It could even be a tiny speck. this is much better on my eyes, then a white screen.
Ceiyru - November 18, 2014
The art is great, the effort on the new way to explore for eggs is great, but more work needs to be done on it first I think. I haven't had much time to look but I know last year I would find more eggs in a span of 30 - 45 mins then the 1 I find right now. And having to "mouse" over the page looking for "invisible" eggs/items is not fun.
LethalTorment - November 18, 2014
I am all for change, but like some others - this is just a bit too much for me. I preferred the other way to do the egg hunt. The art and effort put in is appreciated, but I think that it was all for nothing due to the large amount of issues and complaints.
Kirsti - November 18, 2014
Reading the chat box over the past day, I think the pages need better instructions, especially something telling users whether or not the hunt is active (it's not obvious when you first start, if you're unaware you have to go to a different page to activate it). I also know a lot of users don't realize the eggs and items will be visible, and spend 10 minutes clicking around the first few pages - like those old flash 'hide and seek' games where the objects are hidden. Also, some people see they have 1/1 eggs, and think there's only 1 egg in the game to find.
Jerry24 - November 18, 2014
*laggy xD
Jerry24 - November 18, 2014
The hunt has been REALLY laugh for me >:(
Anthony101 - November 18, 2014
Thanks staff <3. This is awesome! I love hunting like this better then the older style of hunting. It's more fun, and I love the pictures and art. Dragonhatcher: I haven't had any problems with the hunt. I'm using my iPad for the hunt so I can move around my house :) The hunt is not supposed to be made easy, it may take 10 min just to find one egg, or, if your lucky, you can get three eggs in one minute o3o. You randomly find eggs.
Dragonhatcher - November 18, 2014
This is great! Only, does thus work on an ipad? I have been searching for ages and not found anything...
catsmeow22 - November 18, 2014
I honestly have no idea how to use this. I love the fact that you guys have put so much work and i love the details, but the instructions on how to hunt for the eggs were very poor and in-descriptive, and i am very disappointed. I have, as well as many other people, lost a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the new hunt, and i feel as though we should somehow get "refunded" for that time. I still have not found a single egg, for i do not know how to hunt
yummycake6 - November 18, 2014
I LOVE IT STAFF! I usually have ZERO patience for egg hunts but the art for the new type of egg hunt makes it much more exciting!
DarkOmni - November 18, 2014
Ebbies ebbies ebbies!! finally !!
Icalasari - November 18, 2014
Why are you using Flash for this? Why not HTML5?
Kaleria - November 18, 2014
I usually don't weigh in on this sort of thing, but I admit, I'm really disappointed with this. Not a single egg has crossed my sight, and I'm getting pretty frustrated. Please fix this. It could be really cool... if it worked.
Wwizzy - November 18, 2014
I guess my computer doesn't do flash (at work/school) so I only managed to catch 3 eggs before they all became invisible. All in all, it's something new and different. Hoping to catch more. I love the ebilia so I want more of them. I refuse to give up.
lahlahrose - November 18, 2014
Dunsparce - November 18, 2014
I like the idea of what you've done! But i personally prefer the old way, it was more fun in my opinion. But flash player is really broken on my computer and i dont know if i'm going to even get ANYTHING from this at all, which sucks as i've been waiting for this for ages as i need am Ebilia for a kirs quest. The art is beautiful though.
Bunny - November 18, 2014
I appreciate that the artists and staff took so much time to try and bring us something new. But this is a joke, everyone is having issues and everyone seems to have to keep changing internet browsers ect, you'd think you would have done intensive testing before throwing it out to us, and considering how late the hunt has started. Ive "apparently" went past too many eggs now, i wait on each page for at least 30 seconds before i proceed and it STILL tells me ive missed one, i knew i shouldn't have let my expectations get too high for this.
blacksapphiredragon - November 18, 2014
I have the same problem as Zephyr, sometimes the images will appear, but more often than not they don't. It's getting pretty annoying tbh.
Zephyrthedragon - November 18, 2014
Is anyone else having trouble with the images for items not appearing in the picture? Like I've found a few items by mousing over them by accident but there was no image, the only reason I knew there was something there was because my cursor changed. This problem could be causing a lot of people to miss items that they normally wouldn't :C
Lunasparkle - November 18, 2014
This is really fantastic and I appreciate the extra effort put forth to make this event more visually stimulating, thus more fun!Thank you!
Thowra - November 18, 2014
That art is amazing :O
Thestral - November 18, 2014
ChocoChippies - November 18, 2014
How do you actually COLLECT THE EGGS? I started the timer, all that good stuff. I've clicked around in there for a while and I've got NOTHING. The counter says I haven't missed any, either. Please help!
Mercy - November 18, 2014
Please, please, PLEASE just install a counter resetter. I don't want to have to see how many times I have screwed up because my eyes are bad. It just makes me feel horrible.
Zayn - November 18, 2014
Alien - November 18, 2014
Can't wait to start this when I get in from work! :D
Halloween - November 18, 2014
hmm,ill have to do this tomrrow,then all bugs will be fixed up. YES!! this will be exciting! Can't wait!!
chuebacca - November 18, 2014
oh nvm found out. haha
chuebacca - November 18, 2014
im new and i dont understand, do i just keep clicking "Go onward" until i find something or do i click go onward and look around and click the picture for something? i dont know how this works :(
crowflux - November 18, 2014
Issues with items/eggs not picking up are fixed now. Let us know if you continue to experience problems! :>
SkaldyrCentral - November 18, 2014
Same thing happened to my Ebilia eggs, Howl; yet all my Jaaku eggs have showed up in my hatchery.
Howl - November 18, 2014
No items/eggs are showing up for me, is this happening to anyone else? Or am I just doing something wrong?
Syaraa - November 18, 2014
Cool 8D
PreviousBlue - November 18, 2014
something actually worth the wait thank you staff ;O