July 29, 2014 - Item Revamps, New Avatars & New Artist
Item Revamps

A few of our food items have been given revamps! 

New Graphics Artist

Please give a warm welcome to our new Graphics Artist 3mmique! She will be working on the forum avatars and banners for our site. She even did these wonderful avatars for us~


Comments: 15

RainofStars - July 30, 2014
Welcome 3mmique!
Hallows - July 30, 2014
Congrats 3mmique! Those avatars look AMAZING!
Xichen - July 30, 2014
Yay! Finally a jahra avatar! 8D welcome 3mmique~ I've seen your work before and it's exiting you're officially working for the site now!
Rin - July 30, 2014
ZiggyStardust - July 30, 2014
Wow this new art is great, I'm happy we have another artist as well. Nice job ^.^
Emmique1 - July 30, 2014
Nice work Emm ^^ im proud of you :P
Thowra - July 30, 2014
That piece of meat thing (dunno what it's called) looks delish! *0* Also congrats to 3mm!
Zen - July 30, 2014
congrats 3mmi :D
Halloween - July 30, 2014
3MM...is the best artist! I even got her profile skin..which is so neat. I'm glad shes doing this. i love how the steak looks so real now. yay!
Dustfeather - July 29, 2014
Welcome 3mm, and amazing avatars :D I love their shapes, they look so soft and expressive. (especially the Saruka). Can't wait to see more of your work! The rest of the items look great too, thanks artists. c:
Trenthepunkid - July 29, 2014
OMG I LOVE the new art! congrats, 3mmique! :D
Pretzel - July 29, 2014
Congratulations on getting to artist 3mmi! Thanks for the wonderful avies, and thank you the rest of staff for these great revamps ;3
Eiji - July 29, 2014
Beautiful! Congrats, 3mm!! :D And yay, food! 8D
FluzzMe - July 29, 2014
Congrats, 3mm! Love the avatars ;v;
Mars - July 29, 2014
Yay 3mm!! c: Also I'd definitely eat one of those chocolate bars