hello, welcome to my hell zone >:) i'm fearow, i'm 24, and i love roditores! i'm also extremely into minecraft and love live!
catra is my girlfriend, we live together!


here's a few goals i have in mind.
RODITORE: [x] natural [x] sepia [x] cream [x] black [x] ginger [x] silver [x] blonde [x] albino [x] calico x[] achro [] azure [] lemon [] indigo [] rose [] lime [x] magenta [x] orchid [x] amber [] trance
100mil/1bil toward my goal to buy the name Fearow! i am also always looking for cool names, anything dark and edgy or canon anime/pokemon names!ALSO canon minecraft names! i have a lot of cool names in my gallery, feel free to message me if you are interested in buying someone!