Please click my little Brionne to feed her if you can. She likes Rawst Berries!
hi, im catra but my real name is glory. you can call me either! im from minnesota, i dabble in coding and digital art, and i am addicted to virtual pet sites lol. my favorite creatus are galta, cetari, guilibyss, liyure, ahea, meiko, sirleon, skaldyr, and otachie :) what can i say, i love pets!
my girlfriend is fearow, you can blame her for me playing this game.
i coded this profile myself, if you'd like to use it too just send me an rmail :)

my goals

GALTAS: my biggest goal for sure, i am collecting any/all galtas. Dream color is calico.
CETARIS: sepia, ginger, blonde, achro
AHEA: any natural/dyed colors to put effects on, still need to obtain indigo, rose, lime, and orchid
OTACHIE: silver, blonde, albino, achro, any/all dyed
GUILIBYSS: black, ginger, silver, blonde, achro, indigo, rose, lime, orchid, trance
SKALDYR: sepia, black, silver, blonde, albino, calico, achro, all DK colors

LIYURE: trance

THANK YOU: Tiberius, Jahra, and anyone else who has gifted me creatu to help me achieve my goals (i forgot most people's names, remind me if you can please XDDD)