Hello all! My name is Zoe, but most of you just know me by my username or Cat! I’m currently 21 years old and studying as a Vet Tech. Sometime I’ll throw a picture of myself up here whenever I get the time. Current goals: Albino Jahra Black Liyure Complete all dye-kit colors of Ebilia Obtain Black Jahra Headdress Obtain the names “Carly” and “Toby”

SELECTED - ForestMoth
ID: 3668733
Species: Mahina
Color: natural
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Level: 1
Health: 4/4
Hunger: hungry
Power: 3
Defense: 6
Agility: 13
Intellect: 1
Nourishment: 2
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 0%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2021-09-09 17:24:05
URL: https://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=3668733

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