Enchanted Springs (Level 0)

enchanted springs

You come upon a spring surrounded by earth and surprisingly healthy looking plants. Even the local animals look very healthy and happy. You edge closer to take a peek. Crystal clear water bubbles up out of the ground and sparkles in the sunlight, babbling and splashing merrily.

From deep within you hear a crackle and blue energy lights up the pool briefly. In response the spring's water level rises a bit. Perhaps there is some magic underground keeping the water pure and well supplied. None of the animals currently swimming seem affected, so apparently it's harmless.

You've heard that this spring can reward you for taking a dip... or it could take away something and give it to someone else. Do you want to take the risk?

Swim in the Enchanted Springs every day consecutively to earn better rewards.

Prize Tier 1: 0-5 consecutive days
Prize Tier 2: 6-15 consecutive days
Prize Tier 3: 16-30 consecutive days
Prize Tier 4: 31-60 consecutive days
Prize Tier 5: 61+ consecutive days

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