Piscike pond

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5:15pm Feb 9 2018 (last edited on 3:54pm Feb 24 2018)

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*disclaimer- I'm going to redo some of the artwork here, also I'm a terrible writer lolol*


The night air is mild and fresh.
A gentle breeze rustles the leaves around you as you press forward down the barely defined path. 
A thorn pierces your jacket and to your dismay, starts to fray a few threads. You scold your self again for straying from the nice, clear, -paved- walkway some time ago. 

As you access the damage done to your clothing you sense a sudden shift in tension around you.
You immediately notice the leaves have become eerily still and all you can hear is your uneven breathing and the strained heartbeats in your chest. 

You suddenly feel unsettled by the sudden change and begin to take in your surroundings with better clarity. Ever so faintly your ears pick up a gentle slosh of water coming from another path you haven't yet ventured up ahead. 

With one last thoughtful glance at the way you came, you tentatively creep towards the sound.
You come across a large bush which appears to be blocking your path, and you push past carefully to ensure that you won't catch your jacket again. Once the obstacle is clear, you find yourself in a serene and secluded clearing.

Pool by zer0starX
Before you, the moonlight catches a small and rather humble pool of water, surrounded by jagged rocks and two odd looking ornaments. 
The first appears to be a small wooden box with tiny cracked windows. As you inspect it closer, something tells you it used to be a lamp which has been long since forgotten by the outside world. As your hands fumble around the sides, a small catch is found that allows you to open the front of the box. 

Close by is a squat clay statue who's features are mainly covered by moss and vines. The figure looks wise, yet mysterious and this makes you nervous.
Through the overgrown mess, you can make out some teeth and what looks like a large orb at the figure's feet, nestled close to it's legs.

After investigating these strange objects, you decide to have a further look around the clearing, and start by skirting around the pool. 
You see something small and shiny glitter in the moonlight, this prompts you to uncover it from the dirt at your feet and pick it up, turning it over in your hand. 

Offering by zer0starX

It's a strange, rectangular coin of some sort?!
Unsure of what to do, you gingerly take the coin to the lamp box and place it inside. Maybe someone will be back for it one day? 

You turn to try and head back the way you came when a bright flash from behind startles you. 
Instantly, you spin around out of instinct to see what greets you. 
With shock, you see that the Lamp box's door is open and that the coin nowhere to be seen. When you think that nothing could be even more startling than that, you spot a strange creature peering back at you, soaking wet. 

panthaffooShow by zer0starX

Despite your fear you kneel down and stick out your hand to welcome it. The beast dips its head into the pool, completely submerging it for a second or two. You blink in confusion before it lifts its head again, now holding a strange orb in its mouth. It trots proudly towards you and something deep inside you tells you that everything will be ok as you hold the orb in your palms. As you stand, you notice in the dirt by the statue is the word inscribed "Pinshi", maybe that's what the beast was called?

Who knows what other wonders this place holds? 


(^^^ All my love and thanks you the wonderful Gema, who re-wrote this for me <33 ^^^) 


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Place more coins into the lamp to see if more Pinshi will appear.

~Please read carefully~

Pinshi have a chance of getting adaptions,
some adaptions are rarer than others. 
Below is a list of all current adaptions and their rarity.


*Big teeth 
*short tail
*Legg tufts
*long Tail


*long fluffy tail
*guardian mane

These are all shown in this Gif (except long tail and guardian mane):
Animated GIF

You can get multiple adaptions at once (I roll a number generator for each adaption) 

You can only pick up one coin at a time unless I state otherwise

Only a few coins can be found at a time, the number of coins left will be indicated in the post below by a little times symbol 
(for example *COIN* x 4 means there are four coins available) 

 Once you have a Pinshi you can offer special items to change its appearance. 

Price list and more information below


Ottska are easier to find than Pinshi and don't come with any adaptions or unique colours at the moment.
You can lure them in by using a biscuit.


5:16pm Feb 9 2018 (last edited on 4:14pm Feb 25 2018)

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Offering by zer0starXx sold out

Gold coin offering

Offer this strange shiny coin and a Pinshi will appear. 
Your Pinshi will be random colours and has a chance of having some adaptions. 


Brush by zer0starX

Offer TU to the Lampbox and a paintbrush will appear. 
This paintbrush seems to hold magical properties and can recolour your Pinshi. 
(can only be used on an existing PinShi, when using a paint brush you can tell me what colors/ patterns you want!)

2MIL Always available 

Clay by zer0starX
Pond Clay

Clay from the outskirts of the pond, smear it onto you Pinshi. 
From the clay you can make two adaptions. 
(can only used on an existing Pinshi, tell me what adaptions to add!) 

2Mil Always available 

Offering2 by zer0starXxsold out
Platinum coin

This special coin is emitting a slight humming noise ???

Offering this special coin will allow you to have a fully customised Pinshi. 
This means you can pick your colours and have custom add-ons. 
(if I can't/ won't do an adaption we'll work something out)






throw a biscuit on the floor to lure in a Ottska
Ottska can come in eight colours. the colour you get will be determined by a RNG, if you offer more than one biscuit at time i'll make sure you don't get the same colour!

You can find all Ottska colours here:

^ Always available ^ 

I'm not very good at keeping up with adopt threads but we're gonna give it ago!! 
Please bear with me as I flap around. 

ALL Pinshi will be unique and I try to do something special for each person
Orders will be coloured as they come, I can get pretty busy sometimes so I apologise if there's a small wait ;o; (But the pond is very deep)

*prices may change*

*I can't keep up with the item amounts while at work, asleep or when I’m chatting to my dog so please bare this in mind. An item may have been sold out!*


6:03pm Feb 9 2018

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I'd like to get a gold coin offering..?

I love Shaefu.

6:05pm Feb 9 2018

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Gold coin offering please c:

Cetari are puplic transport on Scria and you can\'t change my mind >:O

1:56am Feb 10 2018

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Gold coin offering please!


2:00am Feb 10 2018

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Looking around for the tell tale glint of the coins in the moon light bares no results. 
Either they’re all gone or you’re not looking hard enough!

(Gold offering sold out, will post Pinshi tonight!)

????? Coin still available at special price!


2:03am Feb 10 2018

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Can I grab the silver coin as well?


3:20pm Feb 10 2018 (last edited on 3:21pm Feb 10 2018)

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You place your coin into the lamp box and step back.
A bright flash dazzles you and you look towards the pond.
Its still waters become disturbed as a Pinshi rises from its depths. 

VV Snowdroptea VV

snowdropTea by zer0starX

You Pinshi is covered in tiny gold flecks that shine as the light catches them.

Would you care to give it a nickname?

VV Genbaw VV
Genbar by zer0starX
Your Pinshi's coat is soft as down. 

Would you like to give them a nickname?

VV Queen VV
Queen by zer0starX
Queencustom by zer0starX

One of your Pinshi looks like it's made out of stone, the other resembles a strange creature you once saw in an old tome. 


5:08pm Feb 10 2018

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7:00pm Feb 10 2018 (last edited on 7:00pm Feb 10 2018)


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I would like a gold coin, please ;o;


7:04pm Feb 10 2018

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-whispers- Can I have a coin please >.>

¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

7:07pm Feb 10 2018

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Can't resist.

I'd like to grab a gold coin <3


2:46pm Feb 11 2018 (last edited on 2:46pm Feb 11 2018)

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Your Pinshi seems like a bit of a loner 
Maybe they need a hug?

Your Pinshi is nearly as white as snow, 
You stroke their soft fur and suddenly find your self and everything in the near vicinity covered in its hair! 


Your new Pinshi is slick as oil and shines different colours as the light plays off its pelt.
It's almost invisible in the darkness other than it's hallow, grey eyes. 


2:51pm Feb 11 2018

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Offering a gold coin. ♥


2:52pm Feb 11 2018

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I'd like to buy the last gold coin. :3


6:16am Feb 12 2018

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I'll snag the platinum coin as well. I'll Rmail u the deets. By the way, some of the images in the owner list aren't showing up, at least on my end. ^^'


11:14am Feb 12 2018

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Owaa my Pinshi reminds me of Kirin, she is currently busy covering everything she touches in hair xD

¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

11:23am Feb 12 2018 (last edited on 11:24am Feb 12 2018)


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Ahh ashgjjsjff I love mine so much ;v; thank you!!


4:18pm Feb 12 2018

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All coins are gone
I’m sure more will turn up soon

For those who made an offering:
My internet is sucking tonight, hopefully it bucks it’s ideas up soon
If I can’t get your Pinshi posted tonight they will be done on Thursday as I’m going to be staying at my partners for a few days 

><aaaa sorry 


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