Thanks you Colour for making my profile and Wolfspirit25 for fixing and updating it when I broke it <3


Im Zen!

I'm really bad at these things!

I love scary,psychologically messed up films, books and... everything xD (I’m just a horror nut)

I'm a Content Manager and Artist here, feel free to Rmail me! :)

Free Unicorn Cursors at

hhoopen hargen floogen loogan

Profile by Color
Species: Omni
Color: albino
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Level: 1
Health: 25/25
Hunger: not hungry
Power: 10
Defense: 10
Agility: 10
Intellect: 0
Nourishment: 1
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 0%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2020-03-17 21:48:29

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