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4:22pm Dec 14 2011

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Oh gee... I only read the first page...


9:09pm Dec 17 2011

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I'm new and something like this would have been really helpful to me when I started!
I read the help page and I kept referring back to it for answers but there were still lots of things I didn't understand. Luckily for me I found one person who was willing to answer all my newbie questions. :)
Some of the problems I faced were for example when one of my pets died, and I had no idea how it happened. It would have been nice to have an alert for the first time saying "Oh no! Your creatu has died because (enter reason here)! Go to the graveyard to see them" or something along those lines. I still don't know why she died (I had food in the food bin? :( )
Another thing is toys, I still don't know what are the cheapest toys to buy, and where, and how important they are. 
I think I've eventually gotten a hang of the site from a combination of reading the help section, asking friendly people, and looking at incomplete guides on fansites. It would have been great to have something that combined them all together and explained it step by step (I usually find tutorials tedious but I underestimate their value).
I'm still learning things though, and I'm still quite unsure about a lot of things. 
I hope this helped in any small way. :S

11:54am Dec 26 2011

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I support this idea.

Our new users need some guidance. I remember my first time on rescreatu and I just went around all willy nilly attempting to figure out what was what. I did decently considering I'm older and was already quite experienced with various pet sites.

One thing that sticks out to me is that when a new user comes on, most don't go to the forums. They just want to look around, and when they can't find something that want to have an easy time finding the information they need. It sticks out to me when looking at the main page that a good place to put a beginner tutorial is under the information area of the bar. As a new user that would make me think "oh that says information, that'll probably tell me how this thing works."


1:37pm Feb 26 2012

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I support! This would be very helpful to everyone. It would help everyone get a better understanding, the MODs wouldn't have to say, "Please go read the rules. ;~;" every time a new user decides to dive into the SB and if you have to take a test, you don't have much of an excuse when you cuss up a storm. Because we all know if you're on the forums or SB, you have been warned once already by default. 


1:00pm Mar 26 2012

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I think a multiple-choice newbie quiz with the answer choices changing order every time would be a great idea, because even if they look up the answers elsewhere, they can't just copy and paste it in, they'd have to know what the answer is and not just option three or something. Also, when I joined last month, I found it kinda weird that we didn't get starter clothes. I think newbies should get a shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of shoes, and the colour depends on the planet they chose. Blue for Atquati, red for Reiflem, green for Relcore, and white for Scria, maybe? That way there's a little variety and they might have another factor in choosing their planet.


11:19pm Jul 7 2012 (last edited on 11:20pm Jul 7 2012)

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dont know how to train pet. im new

10:36am Dec 11 2012

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(not sure if it's already said but)
I got an idea of.. maybe, instead of actual TU just popping on their hand,
(or maybe that AND)

A 20-50k TU token. For the sake of 
"Hey, I should totally go to my inventory and click this item and get some tu, 
I'd also learn to use items from inventory! :U".

A newbie pack? What would I'd loved to have got as a newbie?
Pretty much as others too,  I guess. 

A few food items. Couple of clothes. Maybe of a pool of same rarity, but a few different items.
("Hey, you've got the shirt/pants i wanted! Wanna trade with me?")
Im not personally really fond of the "a few eggs just for start" -thing. Maybe just one.
Why? Because it's Rescreatu's idea. Going trough the planets and finding some eggs. Duh.
Maybe a weapon, armor, or both? Ofc you'd wanna cover your creatu before you go to smack it up in the battle ground. Not anything superpowered or superdurable, just something to try out.

The welcoming letter? Maybe a few words about how great that they've joined and helped
making the site grow, hoping they'll enjoy the adventure amongst creatu and lots of users ...

A few rules. Just simply, not going all "DO NOT DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS."
But "You remember not to do these things, though? You can still do this and this!"
Also it would be applied with the link to the (possible?) newbie quiz, with "You can receive free helpful items if you answer a few simple questions right!"

Also, why not to make a HELPER GROUP?
A few active users that'd love to help new users, 
but so that we wont overburden the lovable staff of ours?

No idea yet how it'd work, but something of the basis..
It would consist of a few users, of course more could join, who are not total newbies.
(so that they've been in here for a while so they could probably answer most of the questions)
And when a new user joins Res, they could be linked to the Helper Group's page (?)
where they could get assigned a helper. They could ask questions and help from this helper.

Of course this could be just done by newbies just sending rmails to random users
and asking them for help, but at least when I was newbie, i didnt have the kicks to just
bother random people with my "stupid questions".  Just a thought, anyway.
( FAQ would do the same, but at least i'd love interacting with real people instead of reading a wall of text and CTRL+F'ing what i need. :/ )

.. That became one of a long post. OH WELL. 
I hope it all isnt just brainless gibberish ouo"


2:06am Oct 9 2014

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Total support.
-Short and sweet.-

I hatch spoilt eggs! Send those spoilt eggs you do not want!

10:21pm Mar 1 2016 (last edited on 10:26pm Mar 1 2016)

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I still often search for answers and not from board to board because it can be hard for find a board that I had found when I first returned, instead I rely on google.

Also, I feel like it would be EXTREMELY helpful if the links to rules and boards and such actually went to those proper pages because many of the links in the stickied topics do not work.


11:52am Mar 7 2017 (last edited on 11:53am Mar 7 2017)

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That sounds like a good idea! I like how new users read the rules and get things they might need!

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe FNaF group.\r\n

11:38am Aug 27 2017

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Speaking as someone brand new, and a while out from when this opened:

A intro quest is a great idea. The tour you have is pretty good, though not great- it doesn't totally throw you to the wolves, er, zenrixes, but it only just barely gives you the tiniest gloss-over of where things are. It's not memorable, or repeatable- it took me a couple days to figure out where the forums are. Yes, I know, it's a big shiny button on the left. All I can say is I think it was easy to miss what with trying to figure everything else out. I hate to think what other way obvious stuff I missed.

A newbie pack is an awesome idea, you already have a kind hearted Borg doing it over in the introduction forums, but I think earning it with a quiz on proper forum manners is a great idea. Something multiple choice, and fairly easy. Something easy enough that it would be foolish to waste your time cheating on- but still enough that you do actually have to read the answers. It would be a good idea to randomize the order of questions if you are really worried about cheaters, so no one can just be like, "ok, the answers are b b a c d a and then you're in."

A lot of sites have adopt-a-newbie teams, people who mentor people for like two weeks and show them around. I did that on a site for a while, it was fun. It keeps things fresh for old timers, I think- reminds you of how exciting it is to hatch your first egg, etc. I think that's a great idea, too, if it doesn't exist already. (If it does, forgive me, I haven't seen it!)

Overall though, I really like this site, and though I still have a lot to work out, I can see myself settling in for the long haul here. 
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