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6:19am May 3 2011 (last edited on 5:01pm May 3 2011)

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It would be awesome if we had an item that made a pet stay at a certain stage/age permanently, or at least for a pretty long time (longer than fifteen days). If it had permanent effects, it could be a one-time use credit shop item, and if it was temporary then it should have multiple uses. I suppose it should be priced similarly to how the Regression Ray was, if not higher. Personally I'm quite fond of some pets at certain stages while not at others. Being able to keep them at the stage I like best would be great.


10:24am May 3 2011


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I like the idea, there are some pets that I prefer not in their adult stage. If it was permanent, I would like a un-freeze item too though. :D



3:21pm May 3 2011

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or maybe the item can also unfreeze pets, or would come with a unfreeze ray.


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6:04pm May 3 2011

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I think maybe a freeze ray, and a warm ray or something. xD Something that unlocks the pet from sticking to the age frozen at.

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7:32pm May 3 2011

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Freeze Ray and Fire Ray? I support. :)

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12:17pm May 4 2011

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freeze ray and melt ray

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12:59pm May 4 2011

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There will be a way to keep creatu at teen and baby stages in the future. :}


7:53pm May 17 2011 (last edited on 12:27pm May 25 2011)


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Nevermind what I said! ^^ The R-ray is retired,

I Support! ^^


5:31pm May 23 2011

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support! you can freeze it at one age, and unfreeze it without keeping it in your showroom!


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