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These are some amazing people on Res that have been kind to me and are Great People. <3

- Reeses: Helpful, kind, great friend and customer. <3

- Sheta: <3 first friend on Res, gave me epic banner for free, gave me an albino Sirleon, great at profile codes, awesome, very helpful, kind, and so gracious. XD <3

- Ram: Loyal customer to my thread. :)

- LeTainted: Whit, you have been very nice to me ever since I came to Res. You answered all my questions, and brought smiles to my face with your hilarious comments on the SB.

- TeeenyNeno: Cleared up some of my confusion and kindly bumped my threads C:

These guys have been my inspiration in Rescreatu. I look up to them most favorably. They are kind, helping, and gracious.


- I like to tell people I'm an extremely sporty, healthy, smart, outdoor person. But that's not me. I actually tend to spend hours on the computer (how's that for outdoorsy), I love junk food (how's that for healthy), and I have a complicated relationship with math.

- But the thing is, I'm totally proud of it. I do some of the weirdest things you could think of.

- I try to accomplish things around the house while the microwave timer is ticking.

- I tend to find humor in anything and go into hysterical laugh attacks at times, giggling like a fool and falling to the floor.

- I have choked on my spit more times than I can count.

- I love soccer and dancing, though I'm bad at both.:)

- Another thing, I'm very clumsy. I have fallen down while not even moving, I run into glass doors and trees, and I managed to trip over my shoelaces while they were tied.