February 7, 2019 - Patch Notes
Below is a list of various changes made throughout the last few days:

  1. - The Item Database now lists the 5 cheapest Merchant Shops for the specified item.
  2. - The Merchant Shop link in Item Database has been changed so that it brings you directly to the item in the shop after clicking on it.
  3. - NPC shops have received a major UI update, and now have a green background when the item is present either in your Merchant Shop or Inventory.
  4. - Atqueen Forest exploration has received a UI update.
  5. - Releasing a creatu after hatching will now send it to the Atqueen Forest.
  6. - Any creatu that go to the Atqueen Forest will now lose their name and must be renamed upon adoption.

- Patrick

Comments: 19

emokisa1248 - March 13, 2019
Why don't items that are in my food pen, squishy shelf, library, or clothing rack have a green background in NPC shops anymore? Thats where I put all the things that I really need to know if I already have when I'm NPC shop shopping
SpookyTheZombieKat - February 9, 2019
Woops, sorry for commenting so much- It seems to be working fine for me now, adopted lots of pets. Also glad to see genders added XD
SpookyTheZombieKat - February 9, 2019
I did adopt o.O it was a nattie Drindian..but even after adopting it, it kept showing the same pet until I ctrl f5d. I don't know if it did that for anyone else, maybe it was on my end (our internet dies sometimes)
kaymeg - February 9, 2019
Thanks for the updates! I wish there was a way to empty my graveyard, other than resurrecting, as now you can get unnamed from the forest so whats in my graveyard will just rot :(
Shadly - February 9, 2019
I liked finding ones with funny names :(
Patrick - February 8, 2019
"I think the Atqueen forest may be a bit buggy though?...when I explored I kept getting the same creatu over and over, until I refreshed the page, then I got a different one." You have to either skip or adopt before finding another creatu. Otherwise it will continue showing the same creatu. This is by design.
SpookyTheZombieKat - February 8, 2019
Great update! I think the Atqueen forest may be a bit buggy though?...when I explored I kept getting the same creatu over and over, until I refreshed the page, then I got a different one. I also wish they didn't lose their names (because I found some pets with cool names to adopt). The only other thing is that it would be helpful to see the genders before naming/adopting a pet. Otherwise I do like the new explore button. :)
Trenthepunkid - February 8, 2019
Wonderful! Thank you
Voidbringer - February 8, 2019
Thanks so much for delivering another awesome update, Pat! <3
Mahogany - February 8, 2019
Lovely <3
Fin123 - February 7, 2019
Awesome! Thank you!!
Corvid - February 7, 2019
Adopting from the forest is an awesome idea, I love it! Although it would be great if we were able to see the creatu's gender, that would certainly help with picking out a name!
Kalati - February 7, 2019
as always thank you for the updates Patrick! I really like the forest updates as well!
Rae - February 7, 2019
I'm glad we're no longer deleting Creatu that are not wanted. We desperately need to increase the flow of Creatu into the game. This is an awesome update. Thank you!
Juke - February 7, 2019
Very very nice!
Oriette - February 7, 2019
Great updates!! :) Thank you so much Pat! These improvements are really making the game much more enjoyable overall!
MissHalloween - February 7, 2019
Oh my.
BarrelGirl95 - February 7, 2019
Thanks Patrick for putting my idea to use! I'm so so happy I was able to contribute an idea to be used on Rescreatu!
Chromosome - February 7, 2019
Wonderful, Patrick! Thank YOU :) Love the Forest updates.