January 4, 2019 - Egg Hunts and More!
Have you gotten your hands on one of these books?
If not you should!
This is your last chance!
This book is being stocked away January 6th at midnight Res time!

The Uilus Egg Hunt is coming to an end!
The egg hunt will end on January 10th at midnight Res time, so be certain to start your hunts before then!
You'll be able to catch these tundra owls again in December 2019!

Have you gotten what you asked for?
If not maybe you have been naughty!
You have until January 17th at 11:59 PM Res time, to gift and receive or change your wishlist!

What's this?!
The Narwi Egg hunt is open!
Once you start your hunt you will have 48 hours to search for eggs!
Be warned, the eggs must be picked straight from the ice, so you'll have to search the ice very carefully!
Make sure you click, "Begin Hunt." Otherwise you won't find any eggs.
Also make sure you click, "Explore Onward." Refreshing the page will help you find nothing.
The egg hunt will end on January 17th at 11:59 PM Res time!

Blake and Rosa are very pleased with the amount of cogs, gears, and snowballs you are turning in!
However they still need more!
So keep up the good work!
You have until January 17th, at 11:59 PM Res time, to help out!

Antidote has won the Advent Calendar Raffle!
albino adult
Enjoy your amazing prize!

Comments: 6

Cobaltblue13 - January 5, 2019
Is anyone else having the problem of no eggs popping up, yet it still counts it as a missed egg. Help?
MissHalloween - January 4, 2019
EternalPhoenix - January 4, 2019
Grats Anti!
Billbee - January 4, 2019
What happened to the Divuin egg hunt seeing as we had to hand in items for purchasing the Narwi eggs? I remember seeing the Divuin egg hunt at the bottom of the winter events page at the start.
Voidbringer - January 4, 2019
Whoooo Anti! Congrats
Albion - January 4, 2019
You'll be able to catch these tundra owls again in December 2019! ... just as well as never found any ! ... and no I didn't refresh the page.