this is actually a murder scene

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100 TU Barter Token 100 TU Barter Token (x 1)
10k Barter Token 10k Barter Token (x 1)
Amber Tourmaline Amber Tourmaline (x 1)
Apple of Doom Apple of Doom (x 1)
Azure Apatite Azure Apatite (x 1)
Azure Quartz Azure Quartz (x 2)
Azure Tourmaline Azure Tourmaline (x 1)
Bloody Footprints Bloody Footprints (x 1)
Bone Shards Bone Shards (x 1)
Broomstick Of Death Broomstick Of Death (x 1)
Dead Spider Dead Spider (x 1)
Electric Carving Knife Electric Carving Knife (x 1)
Green Onion Green Onion (x 1)
Indigo Apatite Indigo Apatite (x 1)
Indigo Quartz Indigo Quartz (x 1)
Indigo Tourmaline Indigo Tourmaline (x 1)
Lemon Tiger Eye Lemon Tiger Eye (x 1)
Lime Apatite Lime Apatite (x 3)
Lime Hematite Lime Hematite (x 2)
Lime Tourmaline Lime Tourmaline (x 1)
Magenta Apatite Magenta Apatite (x 1)
Magenta Hematite Magenta Hematite (x 1)
Onion Rings Onion Rings (x 3)
Orchid Apatite Orchid Apatite (x 2)
Orchid Hematite Orchid Hematite (x 1)
Orchid Tiger Eye Orchid Tiger Eye (x 1)
Orchid Tourmaline Orchid Tourmaline (x 1)
Peridot Staff Apple Peridot Staff Apple (x 457)
Poo Lollipop Poo Lollipop (x 1)
Poop Flavored Gum Poop Flavored Gum (x 1)
Potion of Death Potion of Death (x 2)
Rose Tiger Eye Rose Tiger Eye (x 1)
Trance Apatite Trance Apatite (x 1)