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lots of items at the best prices. i also have 2 baby ardur for trade, one female age 13 and one male age 13. this is being posted on sunday march, 9 2014 at 9:00 am est (so you can keep track of if the babys have grown or not)

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100 reasons why we like Res 100 reasons why we like Res (x 1)
100k Recipe Card 100k Recipe Card (x 2)
100k Squishy 100k Squishy (x 1)
Amber Iluvusicle Amber Iluvusicle (x 1)
Amber Vaspi Macaron Amber Vaspi Macaron (x 1)
Amorous Ahea Squishy Amorous Ahea Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Aukira Squishy Amorous Aukira Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Cyancu Squishy Amorous Cyancu Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Divuin Squishy Amorous Divuin Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Easero Squishy Amorous Easero Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Eleodon Squishy Amorous Eleodon Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Jaaku Squishy Amorous Jaaku Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Jahra Squishy Amorous Jahra Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Kioka Squishy Amorous Kioka Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Kurrabi Squishy Amorous Kurrabi Squishy (x 2)
Amorous Leverene Squishy Amorous Leverene Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Liyure Squishy Amorous Liyure Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Myotis Squishy Amorous Myotis Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Narwi Squishy Amorous Narwi Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Sirleon Squishy Amorous Sirleon Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Skaldyr Squishy Amorous Skaldyr Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Uilus Squishy Amorous Uilus Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Valabex Squishy Amorous Valabex Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Vaspi Squishy Amorous Vaspi Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Veram Squishy Amorous Veram Squishy (x 1)
Amorous Zenirix Squishy Amorous Zenirix Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Draqua Squishy Apathetic Draqua Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Eleodon Squishy Apathetic Eleodon Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Galta Squishy Apathetic Galta Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Kurrabi Squishy Apathetic Kurrabi Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Leverene Squishy Apathetic Leverene Squishy (x 2)
Apathetic Meiko Squishy Apathetic Meiko Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Narwi Squishy Apathetic Narwi Squishy (x 2)
Apathetic Otachie Squishy Apathetic Otachie Squishy (x 2)
Apathetic Paor Squishy Apathetic Paor Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Roditore Squishy Apathetic Roditore Squishy (x 3)
Apathetic Uilus Squishy Apathetic Uilus Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Vaspi Squishy Apathetic Vaspi Squishy (x 2)
Apathetic Veram Squishy Apathetic Veram Squishy (x 1)
Apathetic Zenirix Squishy Apathetic Zenirix Squishy (x 5)
Azure Iluvusicle Azure Iluvusicle (x 1)
Azure Raven Azure Raven (x 1)
Baby Drachid Squishy Baby Drachid Squishy (x 1)
Ball-jointed Doll Skin Ball-jointed Doll Skin (x 1)
Big Black Shiny Boots Big Black Shiny Boots (x 1)
Black Suit Vest Black Suit Vest (x 3)
Black Vaspi Macaron Black Vaspi Macaron (x 1)
Black Vogar Squishy Black Vogar Squishy (x 1)
Blue Bird Blue Bird (x 1)
Blue Gargoyle Squishy Blue Gargoyle Squishy (x 1)
Blue Rabid Pumpkin Blue Rabid Pumpkin (x 2)
Bunpire Bunpire (x 1)
Calico Roditore Squishy Calico Roditore Squishy (x 1)
Candied Eyeball Candied Eyeball (x 1)
Cherry Slushie Cherry Slushie (x 1)
Chocolate Coated Lollipop Chocolate Coated Lollipop (x 1)
Chocolate Drizzle Funnel Cake Chocolate Drizzle Funnel Cake (x 1)
Chocolate Pina Colada Cupcake Chocolate Pina Colada Cupcake (x 1)
Corn Husk Meiko Doll Corn Husk Meiko Doll (x 1)
Corn Husk Vogar Doll Corn Husk Vogar Doll (x 1)
Cyan Glowstick Cyan Glowstick (x 1)
Dark Bags Under Eyes Dark Bags Under Eyes (x 1)
Dead Fly Dead Fly (x 1)
Derp Berrok Squishy Derp Berrok Squishy (x 2)
Derp Chimby Squishy Derp Chimby Squishy (x 1)
Derp Galta Squishy Derp Galta Squishy (x 1)
Derp Gondra Squishy Derp Gondra Squishy (x 2)
Derp Iluvu Squishy Derp Iluvu Squishy (x 1)
Derp Meiko Squishy Derp Meiko Squishy (x 1)
Derp Meragon Squishy Derp Meragon Squishy (x 2)
Derp Otachie Squishy Derp Otachie Squishy (x 1)
Derp Sirleon Squishy Derp Sirleon Squishy (x 1)
Dracula Cloak Dracula Cloak (x 1)
Enchanted Axolotl Enchanted Axolotl (x 1)
Exposed Brain Exposed Brain (x 1)
Follow Me Fishy Follow Me Fishy (x 1)
Ghost Cat Squishy Ghost Cat Squishy (x 1)
Ginger Vaspi Macaron Ginger Vaspi Macaron (x 1)
Golem Squishy Golem Squishy (x 1)
Grape Jaaku Cupcake Grape Jaaku Cupcake (x 1)
Grape Slushie Grape Slushie (x 1)
Green Clockwork Monster Green Clockwork Monster (x 1)
Green Rabid Pumpkin Green Rabid Pumpkin (x 1)
Green Stripey Shirt Green Stripey Shirt (x 1)
Gummy Creatu Eggs Gummy Creatu Eggs (x 1)
Gummy Monster Heart Gummy Monster Heart (x 1)
Halloween 2014 Undead Meragon Marionette Halloween 2014 Undead Meragon Marionette (x 1)
Halloween Jaaku Squishy Halloween Jaaku Squishy (x 1)
Indigo Raven Indigo Raven (x 2)
Job Tower Token 1 Job Tower Token 1 (x 1)
Kayoki Oni Mask Kayoki Oni Mask (x 2)
Leech Squishy Leech Squishy (x 1)
Lemon Vaspi Macaron Lemon Vaspi Macaron (x 1)
Licorice Boo Pop Licorice Boo Pop (x 1)
Love Bird Love Bird (x 1)
Magenta Glowstick Bracelet Magenta Glowstick Bracelet (x 1)
Mummy Wrapped Lolly Mummy Wrapped Lolly (x 1)
My Brown Pet Rat My Brown Pet Rat (x 1)
Myotis Oni Mask Myotis Oni Mask (x 1)