At last the sky is beginning to brighten, the air is warming and signs of life are springing up across all four planets. It’s easy to see why this is my favorite time of year.

Do you remember last year when you helped Toby design some painted elemental eggs? You seemed to enjoy that, and we were so impressed with your designs that we’ve decided to hold this contest again!

This year, Toby has selected another four of his favorite species: Berrok, Kayoki, Myotis, and Ahea.

I have templates that you can use to create your own patterns with. You can print these out and color them by hand, or do them digitally. It is your choice! Toby might even choose some of your designs to use when painting his own eggs!

You can enter one egg design for each planet. These should be Rmailed to Snow, who has offered her help in collecting the designs. Oh, and I should probably give you some ground rules too!

  1. Each egg outline must have the proper elemental design. Berrok: Earth. Kayoki: Air. Myotis: Fire. Ahea: Water.
  2. You may submit one design per egg/element only. These must be original designs of your own creation.
  3. No more than one design can be won per user.
  4. All submitted designs must be fully colored.
  5. If you are unable to print the template, you may draw it, but it must align with the provided designs.
  6. Designs should be rmailed to Snow and not shared on any public area of the site until the contest is over and winners are announced.
  7. There will be one winner per element. Each winner will receive a complete set of painted elemental eggs and a Iubui Creatu Egg.
  8. Entries must be rmailed to Snow by 11:59 pm Rescreatu time on April 24th.
  9. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a participation prize.
  10. The winning entries will be turned into real items in the game!

If you have any questions, please post in the update thread.

You may download your egg lineart at (right click > save as):

  1. Berrok
  2. Kayoki
  3. Myotis
  4. Ahea