This list will be added to as I spend more time on this site

~LiepardQueen for beaning so many creatu and giving me the achro Quelis which now sits atop my pile of quelis babies!

~Fireelf for giving me that lime dye kit and helping me complete one of my goals!

~SALTEH for sending me tu <3

~Gbade002 for helping me through so many kir quests!

~Mugiwara for the art of me with a baby quelis. You captured me PERFECTLY.

Satan for helping me complete my Natural color quelis collection!!!!!THANK YOU

~Tiberius for being... well... Tibby!

~Godric for giving me TWO of my goals!!!!

~Tardis for helping me be a goofball in general!! XD

Gozaimasu for my beautiful Kioka RibbonDancing!

~Sagitaurus for BATDERP, DERPIN, NIGHTDERP, DERPIAN WAYNE, DUSKDERP, DERPEON, and DERPTIDE my aderpables of the Derp family.


A lone derp appears. It is surly and blows raspberries anytime someone tries to pick it up.


A lone derp wanders out and flops onto its side making a loud raspberry.

...My Hero.

It also seems to like snuggles and has a penchant for getting into trouble.


This goofy derp seems to like booping Batderp with his wings.


This Derp enjoys hanging out with Batderp and glaring at everyone that passes it.


This Derp likes to spend her evenings with Derpin and Nightderp gazing at the sunset and stars.


This Derp seems to glow with its own Bioluminescent light and enjoys shiny things and giving Derpin piggyback rides.


This derp seems to always be soaking wet from swimming somewhere. Didn't even know there was water in the pillow zone.


My Goals:

[X]Lime [X]Undead Shaefu [X]named TribalSpirit

[X]Rose Shaefu []named Oriental

[]Azure []Stardust Shaefu named []GlacierMeltdown

[x]All Natural colorz of Quelis

[x]Dye 80sRock Trance

[]Stardusted Black Mira

[X]Cosmic Kioka (any color) MAIN GOAL REACHED thanks to Gozaimasu

[]Undead [X] Ginger Goiba []Named JapaneseDemon

[x]Get an albino Undead Jaaku

[x]Undead Both of my Orchid Jaakus

[]Get one of every color jaaku

[X] Morph ChildrenFighting the achro drindian Narwi roditore Iluvu Paor Veram Zenirix Jaaku leverene Intes Chimby malal (I kind of lost count) into an Achro Wyrae

[X]morph AirHockey the calico Malal into a stardust calico Wyrae FIRST TRY

[]Morph BibiddiBobiddiBINO the albino Drindian into an Albino Wyrae

There will be more goals as I go, but for now this is good.


Kir Quests (Date Starting 10-28-16)

Albino Roditore (10-28-16)

Blonde Drindian (11-26-16)

Silver Vogar (1-06-17)

Black Berrok (1-06-17)

Ginger Murren (1-06-17)

Sepia Meragon (1-10-17)

Sepia Sirleon (1-10-17)

Cream Goiba (1-10-17)

Calico Tesuri (1-10-17)

Blonde Kurrabi (1-10-17)



FIRST BINO hatched for myself on 12/09/16


You guys are amazing, and don't forget it. Know that there's someone here who you can talk to if you need to vent or just talk. :D you know I don't judge, and i will do my best to listen, give advice, and just be a safe spot. My door is always open.