Hello, welcome to chili's meme is weird. Anyways, I'm Meat, 14 years old, a furry, love to eat pizza and cake, and lastly (this ones pretty obvious) i'm obsessed with cats. I just think they are the BEST. I worship cats! I love all animals, but mostly cats and birds. The type? All cats and mostly peacocks are my favorite. I also love dogs though, mostly Beagles and Corgis. Also, since many people ask, only four meatballs because I ALWAYS only eat 4 meatballs with my spaghet. See, now you don't have to ask me! The more you know :U All coding by CheeseLiker so credit to them for the AmAzInG profile! Have a good day and don't eat Tide Pods!! ;D

  • Pets I'm looking for:
  • Bino Vaspi
  • Any Mirabilis
  • Calico Veram/Mieko
  • Items I'm looking for:
  • Cosmic Salve
  • Random Morphing Potion