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Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo Flag Counter Hi! I am always looking for haches, please PM me the price and how much they are. I will take all gifts. (cretu,anything) PM me to talk about anything. Notes to Self: User Likes: Sitanamoto loves Quelis, MissHalloween loves Albinos. Thor loves Rabid Pumpkins. Raccoon loves Blessed Flowers.

Firsts: First RMP used 5/4/2016, On Thalia4o4, and she went from a Adult Aurdur to a Adult Draqua. Sigh. First Frost Light Creatu 5/4/2016, Ponde, a Adult Paor, age 41. Purchased from a Rancher Shop. First Enazi Creatu (Nattie, Age 1.) 5/4/2016, Received from Sitanomoto, Along with First Calico Creatu,(a Aurdur, Age 6.) 5/4/2016 for First Azure Creatu, A Female Quelis, Age 30.
------Pay Panda 305mill ----------------------------Pay DarkDesolation 5 intes eggs, (Will get 1mil) ---------------------------
-Pay Pastelle 45,285,190-----------------
Pay Silverstream94 190mill (Will get Charus and Munico)---------------------------------------
Why I am not overpaying for my pets from Silverstream94: *"Okay, so Chaurus is gold, plus a CS, plus stardusted and he has an RWN from a VERY well loved video game."*"Munico, has an extremely rare, and unimplemented effect called unknown. But I only added about 5 mil for that one. The vast bulk of the price on himis because of the stardust".
Buy---Jadua (Omni, baby)95mil) Nicknamed Users
: Willow11= Willa