Hello! dialga2palkia here, but people here tend to call me a plethora of nicknames such as "Dialga," "Dia," or less commonly, "D2P." I'm an older user here, but I tend to go on a lot of hiatuses. I'm a trans masc nonbinary and tend to go by he/him or they/them. I'm also a pagan that practices witchcraft; if you're into that kind of stuff, don't be afraid to message me!
ID: 3709679
Species: Draqua
Color: natural
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Level: 1
Health: 19/19
Hunger: hungry
Power: 5
Defense: 5
Agility: 7
Intellect: 109
Nourishment: 0
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 8%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2021-11-23 13:18:59
URL: https://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=3709679

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