Special thanks to Blacksasscat, who I sent my black easero wings to due to her kindness ❤


Hatch any albino Creatu[X]

Hatch a mutant Zennie [X]

Hatch a nattie Zennie [X]

Hatch a sepia Zennie [X]

Hatch a cream Zennie [X]

Hatch a black Zennie [X]

Hatch a silver Zennie [X]

Hatch a ginger Zennie [X] (so many....)

Hatch a blonde Zennie [X]

Hatch a calico Zennie [X]

Hatch an achro Zennie [X]

Hatch an albino Zennie [X]

Get the undead effect on a Zennie [X]

Get the derp effect on a Zennie [ ]

Get the hellhound effect on a Zennie [ ]

Get the ageless baby and/or ageless adolescent effect on a Zennie [ ]

Get a prehistoric Zennie [X] (a prehistoric, stardust, trance Zennie at that :) )

Get a frostlight effect Zennie [X]

Get a dyed Zennie [X]

Name a Creatu a dictionary word (Prancing) [X]

Name a Creatu an 'official' name (Dastien): [X]

Dye/collect (any) Creatu (any) colour: [X]