Hello! My name is Scarlyarno, I am 24 and living in the UK!
My life revolves around my two, very fluffy, dogs. I show them in everything from conformation to obedience. We do pretty much everything we can do within a reachable driving distance. I am blessed with a versatile breed so I can chuck anything at them and they'll figure it out and do.. at least adequately well in it ahah! It's all for the fun really.

I am fairly new but enjoying this game! I usually find myself on genetics based games so the unpredictability of this game is a lot of fun. I am used to calculating probability and taking risks to get what I want rather than crossing my fingers and stepping into the unknown. It's great fun!

Completed Projects
Including natural colours, dyed colours and mutants. Excluding trance and opal

Veram (-Opal)
Myotis (-Trance -Opal)

Active Projects

Ardur - Beaning
Otachi - Hatching

I also have a collection of Feiron, they came out just after I joined and they're from my home planet, it's fate that I should LOVE them! They're gorgeous.

Achromatic - Yolazara ~ Yolazara was my first ever hatch on Res, she was originally just a Natural Ardur, she has changed forms so many times since I hatched that I am amazed she's not a Wyrae! first I mutated her, then I morphed her and she turned into a Chimby! ew! I thought the Morphing Potion would turn her straight into a Wyrae but I was wrong, never mind. A few morphs later, she was a Drindian for a time.. then a Vaspi and then a Veram, I was working on Veram at the time so I left her as she was thinking "I'll leave her as is, she can fit into my Veram Project". I then beaned her! and on first bean she turned Achromatic! what luck! After a few more beans I found myself with four Achromatic Veram so when I got my next Morphing potion I decided "why not?" and morphed Yolazara again and she turned into probably one of the very first Achromatic Feiron on Res! So in this form she shall stay <3 Very proud of her.
Albino - Lunta ~ Lunta was my third must-have auction Feiron find, she was hard won, but worth every penny. I had to change her nam, her name now means snow in finnish :) fitting, right?
Calico - Skariah ~ Skariah I found in the auctions and ughhh she was just so beautiful! I waited a few weeks for her auction end date but in the end I paid 50mil extra, I just had to have her. She's so beautiful~
Silver - Taisto ~ I actually hatched Taisto myself!! I've earnt several Feiron eggs but I have only ever hatched one and that was Taisto, what amazing luck he was. He's my only boy and my only hatch so far <3 very special.
Natural - Arucane ~ Arucane was my very first Auction Feiron. I don't know she just felt special <3 I may dye her some day.. but who knows? I'd love to see the colour change as the seasons go by.