Update: this account is no longer active. Because I never get on here, I sent a lot of my creatu to my sister, Perfectedflaw. Thanks for the good times, Res. ^^

Hello, hello and welcome to my profile. ^^ I'm a girl who lives in Virginia in the middle of nowhere. I'm way too nice on Res and therefore usually end up being too generous for my own good, even in my constant lack of TU. I know I haven't been on Res in a while, but it's not because I'm giving up on it. I simply wanted to enjoy my summer. ^^


Wednesay, September 21st, 2011. It's the first day of fall, and I am extremely happy. Fall is my favorite season. And Thanksgiving, funnily enough, is my favorite holiday (though I know not everybody on Res celebrates it). Meelanya made me a custom Ukina and I am extremely happy with it. Her name is Pumpkin. Just because she reminds me of autumn. And, er, her full name is Pumpkin Spice. x3 I know, I'm so unoriginal.

Monday, September 19, 2011. Saw the new mutant creatu. ^^ Also started the Artist's Directory, a place for artists to advertise for themselves and a place for people to be able to see which artist they feel like commissioning. Here's the li[injection]nk: http://www.rescreatu.com/forum/cat/arts/artgen/the-artist-pricing-directory-concept-/~page/1/

Logged on yesterday and Res was "down" and there was a chatbox... and a header saying "Rescreatu v3". I was extremely excited...

Now there's this wonderful, beautiful layout and I'm having fun exploring the site. Thank you, Pat. ^^


Because I know that you want to know, you stalker. O.O

I absolutely adore music in every possible way. When I say that I mean music is eating my life. Hardcore, eh? I play the piano at the late intermediate level and enjoy classical music, especially if it is romantic or impressionistic (aahh Ravel, Debussy, Chopin *swoon*). However, aside from the classical stuff, I'll listen to just about any genre so long as I think that the song is good. I find myself generally loving songs with an acoustic sound a lot more.

I love writing and reading. I've gotten much better, and I always find myself improving. Not that I'm a "good writer" just yet. I do lots of fiction, though I used to love writing a ton of fantasy. I'm happy to say that I've grown out of that, but I still do enjoy reading and writing the occasional good fantasy story.

I participate in NaNoWriMo. w00t!

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Seriously. I start comparing things to Harry Potter sometimes and I know practically every spell in the book. I've read them so many times that I've caught details that make people tilt their heads and say "WHUT?" Need I say more?

I clog. I used to do Irish dance (I did it for five years). But I couldn't take lessons anymore after we moved, so I took up clogging and now am an intermediate to advanced clogger. Wahoo!

I dislike it when people call me Night in the sb, so if you read this, please don't. Call me Mare, Dream, Nightmare, NMD (National Missile Defense? O.O), Ezra, Paperclip, Ezra, Ni, or whatever... Just not Night.

Mare has an obsession with kitchen utensils/appliances and often uses them to harm... so watch it, or you might get a frying pan to da face. Yes, she's had this obsession even before Tangled. Seriously.


Kayokis are my favorite creatu. Aside from that, Iluvus seem to be my favorite seasonal but my favorite seasonal always seems to change... with the season. o.o If it were between the Jaaku and the Ebbie, though, I always like the Jaaku more. I'm a strange cookie, I know.

Feel free to ask me about any creatu you see in my showroom. Just no promises that I sell or give to you what pet has caught your eye. ;)


Rhapsody - Jzbelle - showroom
Lightning - Gunme[injection]tal - showroom
Thunderstorm - April22 - showroom

Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on those... o.o

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