Hello, I guess you stumbled onto my profile. On Res I go by Marrhet, I am 20 years old and married (happily most days).

My Goals

Yes I finally decided I can never find that piece of paper when I make one for my desk so I am now keeping track of all this on my profile.

Current Goals Goals Accomplished
[ ] Hatch an Albino Kayoki Own the name Bobbie
[ ] Finally Get That Orange Flower Card Train Marrhet's Agility to 150
[ ] Have Over 200 Million Pure Fill All Goody Bag Collections
[x] Hatch an Albino CS Pet Buy Another Candy Cain Squishy
[ ] Buy Another Circlet Buy a Liyure Egg
[x] Train Marrhet’s Defense to 50 Hatch Another Black CS Pet
[x] Get 130 Books in the Library Buy A Planet Mirror
[x] Fill 250 Collections Have 115 Books In My Library
[x] Buy an Unwrapped Carmel Egg Fill 235 Collections

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