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Note to staff: Mikashi is letting me use his computer again since mine broke this past week. I don't know when i'll get it back but Mikashi isn't really on anymore so hopefully there shouldn't be any issues :)

Hello Starshines!

It's very nice to meet you all!

22 | She/Her/Hers | Shy | Artist & Biologist

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About me

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Quick things you might wanna know!

My Mega Goals:

Help of any kind is always very much appreciated!

Get an Albino Liyure [ ]

Get 5 Black Jahra's [3/5] and 1 Albino Jahra [ ]

Own the names: Kogenta [X] | Paint [X] | Draw [potentially-need at least 2 bill] | Kidou [X] |

Natsuki [X] |

Hatch a Liyure Egg [ ]

432,000,000 tu / 15,000,000,000 tu

105 cp / 1500 cp

I sell my hatches for 500k everyday as I don't really hatch anymore. Hit me up and I'll hatch whatever you want!