Dame Ally, Squeaker of Praises to the Queen and Emissary to All Foreign Friends knight ship with Kraine
Long term goals
Get Bino Kioka

Completed Goals. Black Kioka Named Inkdeath. Much thanks to Boonys <3
Smaller goals: OaK Inkdeath, Columbanus, and Gold Iluvu. Get one of every Trance Creatu.
ID: 3030274
Species: Ebilia
Color: amber
Gender: Female
Age: 71
Level: 1
Health: 13/13
Hunger: hungry
Power: 10
Defense: 6
Agility: 8
Intellect: 0
Nourishment: 0
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 0%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2017-03-29 08:15:55
URL: https://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=3030274

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