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o(╥﹏╥)o My Hero Academia/ Boku No Hero Academia fans: Possible Spoilers [pet names] for those not caught up in the Manga. (✖﹏✖)
I love this series a lot, and have many BNHA manga named creatu. Since the manga is ongoing and ahead of the anime, some manga characters are yet to be introduced to the show.
This is simply a friendly PSA for other MHA fans!
Some names are on my profile, the rest in my showroom!


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☆ One Veram in every colour and effect [Excluding Ageless] [~/109]
☆ One Veram in every Ageless Baby and Adolescent effect. [0/40]
☆ One of each Veram item

---- ☆°•.¸☆¸.•°☆ Blessed Be! ☆°•.¸☆¸.•°☆
ID: 2920684
Species: Aukira
Color: natural
Gender: Male
Age: 105
Level: 1
Health: 19/19
Hunger: hungry
Power: 4
Defense: 7
Agility: 8
Intellect: 0
Nourishment: 0
Squishies: 0
Rarity: 5%
Status: Healthy
Emotion: Neutral
Birthday: 2016-04-18 00:22:41
URL: https://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=2920684

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