wHaT iS uP, mY iNvErTiBrOtHeR?

23 | Genderfluid (Default she/her) | panromantic demi | Homestuck trash | Makara trash | INTP-T | Taurus ♉ | Slytherin

Heyo! I'll answer to Duskie, Dusk, Duck and just about any other butchering of the name we can manage. I'm 23, currently on an enduring Homestuck kick and a newfound Voltron kick...I drink entirely too much caffeine and love to cook.

Talk to me about:
Musicals| Fandoms| Art| Animation| Disney| Res and other pet sims| Anything, really

I'll answer any message you send my way, though my responses might be slow. I'm most active between 4:00pm and 9:00pm, Central Standard time, USA.


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